Nancy Zafrani

Nancy Zafrani is the General Manager of Oz Moving & Storage, with 30 years in the industry and a lifetime of knowledge as a New Yorker. She helped grow the company from 3 employees to 200 with 50 trucks and locations across the US. Her experience and organizational skills have led to over 500,000 successful moves. She is proud to lead a company that provides the best possible moving experience.

“Our reputation grew, the company grew, and thirty years later many of the people who started back then are still here.”


  • Over 30 years of experience in the moving industry, building a successful and reputable company.
  • Strong emphasis on quality service, trust, transparency, and problem-solving to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Utilizes technology and AI to enhance customer relationships and streamline operations.
  • Believes in the importance of continuous improvement and staying up to date with the latest industry trends.
  • Values feedback and uses it to make necessary adjustments and provide exceptional service to clients.

Mentioned in:

The New York Times

US News & World Report

Salon Magazine

“Instead of viewing customers as one-time transactions, strive to build long-term relationships.”


  • General Manager at Oz Moving, a leading moving company in the New York tri-state area.
  • Built a strong team of dedicated employees who prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • Developed strategies to personalize and tailor moving services to meet individual customer needs.
  • Implemented advanced technology and AI-driven tools to enhance operations and improve customer experiences.
  • Successfully resolved various challenges and maintained a high level of customer trust and satisfaction.
  • As a lifetime New Yorker, truly embodies the genuine essence of the city and understands the ups and downs of moving to NYC better than anyone else.
“We have many customers that have moved with us many times over the years. We are now at a stage where clients on occasion tell us ‘You moved me when I was a kid!’”


  • Customer relationship building and retention.
  • Service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Implementing technology and AI for improved operations and customer experiences.
  • Problem-solving and finding creative solutions.
  • Utilizing feedback and data analytics to drive improvements and meet customer expectations.
“We help our clients move into bigger homes, to downsize, to retire. Oz customers are with us for the long run, and we are here for them.”

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