We Exceed all Industry Standards and Regulations

When it comes to moving and storing your belongings, safety comes first. That's why we hold all necessary licenses, certifications and insurance required to protect our customers, team members and the public. We go above and beyond government regulations to ensure that our fleet of trucks is one of the cleanest and safest in the business.

We comply with the following state and federal laws New York State Workers Compensation
New York State Transportation Law (TRA Section 140, 190-199)
New York State Code of Rules and Regulations Part 814
NY State Environmental Conservation Law (ENV)
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations - Title 49
Vehicle and Traffic Law (VAT)

Our Credentials and Licenses

ATA Certified ProMover

NJ PC001205

CAL T # 191468

NYS DOT # T-13032

US DOT # 1058063 MC
# 439945 (NYC)

US DOT # 2895107 MC
# 990789 (CA)

Chamber Member 2022

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