Moving? Here’s How to Keep Your Costs Low.

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The New York Times: Timing affects moving rates, said Nancy Zafrani, the general manager at Oz Moving & Storage, based in New York City. “There is a higher demand when leases are expiring,” she said. Because most leases expire at the beginning or end of the month, Ms. Zafrani said consumers could save money by moving in the middle of the month. “Off-peak discounts are common,” she said. “We offer more incentives and deals during the slower days and show more flexibility with pricing.”

Oz Moving Helps Emily Ratajkowski Make the Big Move

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RadarOnline: "She's moving out and on with her life. Emily Ratajkowski was spotted carrying cardboard boxes full of her belongings from the home she once shared with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Radar can confirm that the Gone Girl actress, 31, hired Oz Moving and Storage company to do the job on the heels of cheating rumors."

6 New York Storage Companies Rated and Reviewed

NY Mag

NY Mag: "Perfect for high-maintenance storage: Full-service operation takes inventory, moves, and stores everything for you, saving a trip to the central Bronx facility."

A little-known moving timesaver that's worth its $500 price tag

Brick Underground

Brick Underground: "I recently made one of the best decisions of my life: I hired my movers to pack my stuff. What, you didn't know this was even possible? Well it is, and it's spectacular--and a lot more affordable than you might think."

Signs of a Bad Moving Company

REALTOR® Magazine

REALTOR® Magazine: "About 16.5 million households – or 38.7 million Americans – move annually. But Americans need to carefully screen those who help them move to make sure all goes smoothly in relocating their belongings."

Move Your Business Without Losing Your Mind

Business News Daily

Business News Daily: "Much like moving to a new home, sometimes you know it’s time to move your small business to greener pastures. Whether you’re moving to a better location for sales, a place that will save you money or a larger space, it’s a big endeavor that takes a lot of planning."

The 7 Things You Absolutely Must Do When Moving Into a Co-Op

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy: "Before you pack one box in anticipation of your move to a co-op, you want to be sure you know everything about the building itself, whether it’s quirky rules, upcoming construction, or ongoing squabbles."

Top 10 creepiest pieces of junk and other weird stuff left in storage units

Oregon Live

Oregon Live: "The beauty of a storage unit is that you can put almost anything in there. The ugly side of self storage? People can put almost anything in there."

NYC relocations accelerating at ‘substantial’ pace, local movers say

FOX 29

FOX 29: "Even as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has leveled off in recent weeks, moving companies say they remain inundated with requests from people leaving New York City."

A mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubes

FOX Business

FOX Business: "It’s not just a few Upper West Siders who are fleeing New York: Moving companies say they’re swamped with calls from residents looking to ditch the city."

Thousands of NYC apartments empty due to exodus to suburbs


PIXO: "In Manhattan, where an apartment is typically gone in a New York minute, more than 13,000 units are sitting empty, according to a new report by Miller Samuel and real estate giant Douglas Elliman."

8 Big Moving Mistakes—And How to Avoid Them

Mental Floss

Mental Floss: "Your wine glasses are smashed to pieces, and your toiletries are nowhere to be found. No wonder moving day is the most stressful life event for 62 percent of adults, beating out divorce or a new job for 43 percent of people."

Moving companies swamped with customers trying to leave NYC


FOX 5: "For some, there’s no task more tedious than moving in and out of your home. The schlepping, the lifting, the whole-day affair. But in the middle of this pandemic, it’s the paid movers who arguably are working harder than ever."

Obama considering tapping oil reserves


CBS NEWS: "For some, there’s no task more tedious than moving in and out of your home. The schlepping, the lifting, the whole-day affair. But in the middle of this pandemic, it’s the paid movers who arguably are working harder than ever."

Vacate to renovate: Oz Moving & Storage

Westchester Magazine

Westchester Magazine: "When planning a major home renovation, it’s important to take into account the loss of living space. Some projects will allow you to stay at home, while some would require you to move out. In both cases, you would need to downsize in order to fit your belongings in the living space you have left or your temporary (probably furnished) domicile."

Are You Ready to Move Across the Country for a New Job?


Swaay: "having to start a new job is nothing short of challenging. However, having to move across the country in order to start a new job is even more nerve-racking. In fact, it is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through."

The City’s Best Cobblers, Tailors, And More!


Refinery29: "Good clothes are like a beloved pet—they need consistent care, and if you're serious about fashion you'll want only the very best for your closet cuties. Love on your leather, dote on your denim, and shower your shoes with affection at any of the places on our list of first-rate experts in New York City service."

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