We have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about our moving and storage services. Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to feel informed and prepared during your moving experience. Whether you have questions about packing, storage, or transportation logistics, our FAQs have got you covered.

General Moving Questions

Why should I use Oz Moving & Storage?

Oz Moving & Storage is a licensed and professional moving company that has been operating in NYC since 1993. We’ve been trusted nationwide by over 500,000 first-time and repeat clients. We hand-select our movers and implement only the highest levels of quality assurance to ensure that all our clients feel safe and cared for throughout their moves.

Is Oz a licensed moving company?

Oz Moving is a licensed by the FMCSA, USDOT, NYDOT, NJ Board of Movers and Warehousemen, CTDOT and CAPUC, and is further accredited by the BBB and a member of the American Moving & Storage Association.

What are the best days of the week to move?

Weekends are good days for moving as there is less traffic and most moving companies in NYC are busier on the weekdays. Most NYC buildings only allow moving Monday-Friday during business hours, so check with your property managers first.

If you do need to move during the week, consider scheduling your move in the middle of the week (Tuesday or Wednesday), as you’ll be able to find better deals.

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

If you are moving in the off-peak season (October-April), scheduling a move a week or two in advance will usually be sufficient. But, if you are moving in the peak season (April - September), try to schedule your move three to four weeks in advance.

Do you move pianos?

Yes. Oz Moving has almost 30 years of experience with piano moving. We are qualified to move all types of pianos, including grand pianos. Inquire with us by phone or request a free quote.

Can you move me cross-country or to another country?

Oz Moving offers local, long-distance, and interstate moving. At present, Oz Moving offers weekly cross-country moves from NY to LA.

However, currently, we do not offer international moving.

Can the weather affect my move?

We do our jobs regardless of the weather. However, if there is an unexpected severe weather-related situation, we will let you know and delay/postpone your move.

How many movers will you be sending?

We will send as many movers as needed according to the requirements of the moving job. We base this number on your moving estimate and our internal assessment. Our operations team will determine how many movers the moving job will need to complete the move in the most efficient and economical way.

Pricing: How Much Does Moving Cost?

What is Oz Moving’s pricing model?

Oz’s pricing model depends on various details about your move. We generate a fair and competitive price based on the following:

  • Services requested (packing, furniture assembly, handyman work, debris removal)

  • Distance (moving distance and any additional stops along the way, any stairs climbed, proximity/accessibility to truck)

  • Inventory (how many boxes are being moved/the total volume of the move)

  • Date and time of year (prices can fluctuate due to demand and availability)

Moving is a business with seasonal fluctuations and we experience the highest demand between April and September. Moreover, Mondays and Fridays are when we experience peak moving demand and tend to get booked up faster. We also tend to be busiest at the start and end of the month. Due to the increased demand, moving on peak days can be more expensive.

How much do movers cost?

In general, a local move can cost you anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, while the cost for a long-distance move starts at around a thousand dollars. However, these are just rough figures and may not reflect the total price of your move.

The cost of our moves can vary depending on:

  • distance;

  • volume;

  • additional services;

  • And other details about the move.

In order to understand how much your move will cost, request a free estimate and be sure to provide as much specific information as possible about your move.

Does Oz Moving offer a flat rate?

Yes. We do offer a flat rate. Local moves are quoted either by the hour or a guaranteed flat rate. We will calculate the price based on the specific list of items you need to be moved and any additional services you may require.

Does Oz Moving include boxes and packing in the moving price?

If requested, we certainly can. Boxes, packing supplies, and other services are charged for as needed. We can also include the service charge in a guaranteed ‘flat rate’ moving quote.

Do you charge for wardrobe boxes?

We provide you with some wardrobe boxes or a combination of wardrobe and other boxes (TV) on the day of the move, free of charge. Additional boxes can be rented or purchased for a fee.

Do you charge for stairs?

The first four flights of stairs on a local move are free, but there is a fee for additional stairs. This fee will be included in the moving price as long as we are informed in advance.

Is there tax on the move?

In NY State, labor is not taxed. However, the packing materials and supplies are.

How much should I tip my movers?

Like any other service, it is customary to tip movers if you are satisfied with their performance. 15-20% is an appropriate gratuity. Movers are usually tipped in cash. Check our NYC moving tipping guide for more tips.

How accurate is the moving estimate?

The moving estimate is as accurate as the information provided by the customer. If you forget to tell us about additional items we need to move, the price might change on move day.

It's important to provide us with complete and detailed information so that we can accurately reflect your moving needs in the estimate.

What are the available payment methods?

We accept cash, credit, and debit cards, PayPal, certified checks, and money orders.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions for moving services?

Yes, we do! Check our website for seasonal promotions. We also offer discounts to seniors and active/retired military members.

When will I get charged for the move?

On a local move, payment is due at delivery and will be collected by the crew.

For long-distance moves, a minimum of 60% of the total price is due at pick-up, and the rest of the balance will be paid at delivery.

Protection & Moving Insurance Policies

Do you offer coverage for my items?

Basic moving insurance coverage of $0.60 cents per pound of your belongings is included with the price. If you would like additional insurance coverage, it can be available for a fee. Speak with your salesperson for more information on the insurance coverage options we offer.

How do you ensure the safety of my belongings during the move?

All of the furniture is wrapped with padded blankets before being moved. The teams come prepared with an array of supplies on the truck, boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap. The crew members are all well-trained to ensure everything is properly prepared for transit.

When will you send my Certificate of Insurance?

Once your move is scheduled, we can submit a Certificate of Insurance to your building within one business day. Please send COI requests to [email protected].

Do you shrink-wrap upholstered furniture?

When requested or determined necessary by the estimator, shrink wrap is available for a fee of $9-$14 per item.

Should I empty out my dresser drawers?

Yes, all furniture should be moved empty.

Can I ship jewelry and important documents along with other items?

We strongly advise against it. Jewelry, currency, and important documents are never covered by insurance and should be kept on your person.

I want to do some packing before the movers arrive. What should I take care of?

We recommend leaving the fragile items for the movers, such as lamps, pictures, mirrors, glass, and china. However, feel free to pack durable items like clothing, linens, and books yourself. Be sure to use appropriately sized boxes.

Will you move my plants?

Oz Moving can move plants locally as long as the plants are not being held overnight on the truck. Generally, we recommend moving plants on your own if possible.

Are there any items you can not move?

We will never move live animals, including small pets such as hamsters and turtles. As well, we do not move flammable, pressurized gas, any explosive items, ammunition, or firearms.

For long-distance moves and moves to storage, we do not move any food or liquids, including but not limited to paint, oils, alcohol, and cleaning supplies.

Can I pack food or liquids?

No, we cannot move any food or liquids.

Before, During & After the Move

How much tip should I allocate?

The amount you tip is up to you, but if you are satisfied with the move, 15-20% is customary.

How big is the moving truck?

We have a fleet of different-sized trucks ranging from 14 feet long to 26 feet long. They are dispatched according to the size of the move.

Who can I call during the move if there are any issues?

Call us at (212) 876-2500, and a manager will be able to assist or offer solutions to any situation.

I have damaged items. Who can I call?

Our customer service department is available at (212) 876-2500, Extension 3101# or 3101#, or by email, [email protected]

Do I have to be with the movers during the move?

We strongly recommend and require you are present for the duration of the move. However, we do offer contactless moves with a written agreement where you do not have to be physically present during the move.

Do I have to be with the movers when transporting stuff into storage?

When moving to Oz storage, you don’t need to. The movers will create a detailed written inventory of all items they are taking to storage that you will receive a copy of. If you are moving to a self-storage, yes, you must accompany them.

Will the movers uninstall my AC unit? What about electronics like TVs?

Our movers do not mount or unmount AC units. You should check with your super or building management if you need help with your AC. However, our Special Services team can mount or unmount your TV for a fee. This service needs to be requested when booking the move.

Do you offer additional services such as cleaning or junk removal?

With over 30 years of experience behind us, Oz anticipates the needs of our clients and offers an array of additional services, providing a comprehensive moving experience. Carpet cleaning, junk removal and disposal, television mounting, picture hanging, fine furniture and antique restoration, fine art custom wood crating, we even have a licensed electrician on call to remove and install chandeliers and fixtures. If you don’t feel up to assembling all that IKEA furniture you just bought, we can help with that as well.

Can I track my shipment during the move?

You can contact our office, and we can be in immediate touch with your driver to give you an update.

How do you handle oversized or heavy items, such as large furniture? Do you charge extra to move them?

It depends on the item and whether the move is local or long distance. If it is, for example, a larger-than-average sofa, no, there is no fee. Keep in mind more oversized items simply take more time or may require disassembly. Please make sure to bring oversized items to the attention of your salesperson.

Will the movers do any handyman work or debris removal?

We can! We can handle day-to-day handyman work like mounting televisions, hanging pictures or shelves, assembling new furniture, or carting out old furniture or boxes of stuff you no longer need or want.

What happens if you get a parking ticket during my move?

Don’t worry about any parking tickets that our trucks may accrue during the move. Oz does not charge the customer for parking tickets.

Can the movers arrange the furniture in my new home?

Yes, our movers can assemble and arrange furniture in your new home. If you will require new furniture assembly, please make sure your sales person is aware.

Do the movers take time off for lunch?

Some moving jobs are short and can be completed without a lunch break. However, for longer moving jobs, movers may have to take a break for lunch to refuel. When movers do eat or take a lunch break, they do so off the clock.

Can I provide snacks to the movers?

Of course. This is totally up to you, but feel free to provide snacks/water to your movers throughout the day.

Long Distance Moving Questions

Do you call before delivery?

When you schedule a long-distance move, we will coordinate and schedule a preliminary delivery window. You can also schedule a guaranteed delivery date for an extra fee.

The driver will call you with approximately 24 hour notice and provide a delivery window.

How long does it generally take for my items to arrive?

Depending on where you are moving, the time of year and your availability, it can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks for your items to arrive. Talk to us on the phone or email us, 212-452-6683, [email protected] for more information about the specifics of your move.

Cancellation, Refunds & Claims

Can I cancel my move?

Yes, you can cancel your move. Our policy is that your deposit is non-refundable unless you provide at least 72 hours' notice.

Do I get a refund if fewer items are moved on my move day?

If it turns out that you had fewer items to move than you listed in the moving quote, you will pay only for what was moved.

If your move is hourly and you have fewer items, it will likely take less time and ultimately cost less. If you have a flat or binding price, you must let us know by 3PM the business day before so that your sales person can adjust the price accordingly.

What is the process for filing a claim for damages or losses during the move?

In the unfortunate event of a loss or damage, call our office as soon as possible, (212) 452-6683, and speak with Customer Service. You can also file a claim on our website, https://www.ozmoving.com/claims, or email Customer Service, [email protected].