Long Distance LA Moves

 Long Distance LA Moves

Making the long distance move to Los Angeles or elsewhere in California can be daunting.

There’s the ridiculous, infamous traffic. The sweltering, torturous heat. The realization that you’re still in traffic. It can be endless. Fortunately, Oz Moving & Storage is just a call away to help you with your long distance move to Los Angeles - or elsewhere in California.

Express Line

Oz Moving offers weekly direct/non-stop trips between the NY tri-state area and California for an affordable rate. Oz loads up your stuff into our signature yellow trucks and delivers in LA in the same signature trucks - no fee for shuttle service applies, unlike other moving companies. We treat your long distance move with the same precision and care as a local move. Certified Oz employees handle your move from pickup all the way to drop off in LA. We will schedule our delivery window based on your needs, and even offer guaranteed delivery day service. Moving long distance to LA is tough - but Oz is the best at these long distance moves, and we will do all we can to make yours as easy as possible.


Service & Quality

Oz is the industry leader in long distance LA moving. Our direct route is famous in the industry and we strive to offer the same dedicated and outstanding service from our local moves to our long-distance moves. Oz is a 4-time Angie’s List award winner and a BBB certified mover. There’s a reason Oz is called “The Wizard of Moving”; it isn’t just because of our name. It’s the result of our experience, quality, and professionalism.


With You, Every Step of the Way

Oz’s dedicated project managers are invested in your long distance LA move from the very start to unloading the last box. Your project manager is there to respond to your needs and provide you with support, whether your job hasn’t even started yet, or it’s the day you’re expecting to receive your shipment. If you need any support, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members.


Conveniently Located in Downtown Los Angeles

Our offices are right in downtown LA where our workers are ready to serve all of our customers. Though LA traffic is notoriously difficult to navigate, we have our ways of getting around efficiently while still taking great care of all of your belongings.