Moving Safely on Every Level

We value safety on every level, from the safety of our client’s property, safe lifting practices, driver safety, the safety of our property, we firmly believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Safety Of Our Employees

  • Comprehensive personal safety training, including safe lifting practices and ergonomics.
  • Thorough safety program that helps Oz prevent injuries and illness is built into our employees’ daily work performance.
  • Regular in-house and on-site safety inspections to help recognize potential workplace hazards
  • Safety coordinators review investigation reports and perform safety trend analyses.
  • COVID-19 vaccination required per company policy. We encourage employees and pay for time off required to be vaccinated and recover if needed.
  • Broad COVID-19 protection policy in place, all trucks are sanitized daily, PPE provided to all employees.
  • Emergency action plans in place in case of fire, emergency evacuation, or active shooter.
  • Safety training on topics such as elevator safety, stair safety, first aid, avoiding slip and trip.

Safety Of Clients’ Property

  • Claims rate of 3%
  • All furniture blanket wrapped (no charge); range of materials available to protect our client’s property, double corrugate boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts. Custom museum quality wood crates available for artwork, fragile items, marble, antiques.
  • Written inventory of all items in storage and interstate moves.
  • Storage facilities are owned by Oz, we are the sole occupants of our properties.
  • Surveillance cameras, central station alarm and sprinkler system, 24-hour guard on premises.

Driver Safety

  • Vehicles are equipped with GPS, Electronic logs, interior cab dashcams and forward facing dashcams for our driver and employee passenger safety.
  • Drivers are subject to a safety training course prior to their road test.
  • All drivers are part of a random drug testing pool.
  • All drivers are screened and approved by our insurance carrier prior to getting behind the wheel.
  • They must be 21 and over with a minimum three-year record, and a clean driving record.
  • Late model vehicles with the latest safety features
  • Two mechanics on staff and our own garage on premises to assure our fleet is running at it’s best and all equipment is in tip top shape.

Property Safety

  • Central station burglar alarm and sprinkler alarms
  • 24-hour on premises guard on duty
  • Surveillance cameras all over the premises
  • Regular in-house and on-site safety inspections to help recognize potential hazards

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