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Oz Moving has been keeping up with its commitment to following up-to-date public safety regulations to keep both our employees and customers safe. Over the year 2020, we all learned a lot about what it means to live apart, what it means to worry about one another and how to live with uncertainty. As essential workers, our movers and staff worked through the entire pandemic, from the initial lockdown, to the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out, to now. 

We, like many other job sectors, were forced to take on big challenges and adapt quickly to these new circumstances. We succeeded in taking on this new role throughout the past year and a half and will keep rolling with the punches and adapting to these times as needed. Our movers have completed thousands of safe moves since March 2020 all throughout New York City, Florida, California and everywhere in between! We’ve helped renters, buyers and those moving back home get their belongings safely to where they need to go.

Moving safely in NYC during COVID-19 restrictions

Since we first opened our doors in 1993, moving our customers safely and comfortably has been our primary mission. Before you could find apartments on Streeteasy and Google, there were Yellow Pages, America Online and simply knocking door to door. We’ve been based in New York City for almost three decades and know how to adjust our business practices with the times.

We’ve compiled an F.A.Q of Covid-related moving questions to inform you about our safety protocols throughout the Covid pandemic:

Do moving companies still need to meet state and government health guidelines issued with the Covid (Coronavirus)?

Yes, like most businesses in NYC, we are required to meet certain CDC health guidelines. Of course, the state and federal guidelines are always changing, which means that we have to adjust our business to meet their requirements. We are constantly keeping track of the new regulations and changing our protocol to reflect the new guidance. When inquiring with us about your move, feel free to ask about our Covid safe moving practices! We are going above and beyond – providing our workers with masks, gloves, disposable shoes covers and disinfecting supplies, the same as at the height of the pandemic.

Can I move without any restrictions now the city is past the Covid (Coronavirus) Closure?

Yes & No. While there was a period last year where certain buildings halted moving operations, there shouldn’t be any issue now! As long as the building you are planning to move to does not have any additional restrictions, you should be good! Be sure to inquire with the building manager of your current address and your future one. If you are unable to reach the building manager of your new place, try and contact your real estate agent. 

Are Landlords permitting moving and moving organizations to enter their properties freely?

There should not be restrictions on moving during this phase of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the answer to this question may change depending on circumstances at your building. We recommend you find out directly from your landlord if there are any current restrictions on moving at your building. Some buildings may limit the number of people working in your unit or entering the building.

In general, apartment buildings may require that you book the elevator in advance for your moving day. Coordinate with your landlord and/or building manager to make sure that movers can successfully enter the building on moving day.

Are OZ moving's crew and workers tested for Covid (Coronavirus) and is it safe for them to move me?

Moving with OZ is entirely safe! We have been monitoring the health of our staff since the onset of the pandemic. We provide necessary PPE, sanitization and contactless moving. As essential workers, our team was one of the first in the city to be offered vaccination. 

What precautions does OZ Moving & Storage take to protect their clients, the local area and their staff amid Covid-19?

We still require our staff to use PPE throughout the duration of the move. We also sanitize our trucks daily. We instruct our employees to stay home if they believe they may have been exposed or have even mild symptoms, and to not return to work until they are cleared. 

What number of movers can be available during my move in this period?

The answer to this question also depends on individual building requirements. We will work with you to find the best solution for your building and needs. 

Is contactless/Contact free move possible? Does OZ Moving and Storage offer contactless moving?

Yes, throughout the pandemic we’ve been offering contactless moves. This option means that you can move safely without being on site. When you book a contact-free move, our professional movers will do all the work for you from packing, to loading the truck, to unpacking your furniture into your new home. You won’t have to be present for any part of the moving process. We can also transport your belongings directly to a storage facility if requested.  

Throughout New York City (Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens), some residential buildings may have additional security measures in place. When booking a contactless move, we may need to get permission to enter your property without you there in order to successfully help you move in or move out. 

I haven't got my vaccination shot yet, do you have any advice for my upcoming move?

Double mask! Social distance and practice all of the mitigating procedures we learned at the height of the pandemic.

If you are feeling additional concern, you can choose a contactless move option to avoid any unnecessary contact with others. Be sure to ask our estimators about this option and how to schedule a contactless move. 

Read a letter from our general manager Nancy Zafrani regarding Oz’s Covid Policy:  

Over the past twenty eight years, Oz Moving & Storage has faced a number of catastrophic challenges alongside our friends, neighbors, client and colleagues.  Once again, as New Yorkers and as a company, we are facing what is potentially a devastating crisis. We are keeping calm and you can rest assured the safety of our employees and clients is as always our top priority. We are following the direction of the CDC, NYS and NYC authorities, as well as taking common sense precautions to assure we are doing everything in our power to mitigate the risks related to COVID-19.  In order to help our clients and employees remain healthy during the Coronavirus crisis we have taken a number of precautions, including:

  • Segregating Trucks and Crew (we are keeping the same crew working together with the same trucks during this pandemic)
  • Direct Your Move Remotely/Absentee Moving (we have seen many clients leave the City before and during the pandemic.  We can handle your move even though you will not be on-site.  We can put the items into our storage facility or ship the items to you, wherever you are in the United States.)
  • Virtual on-site visits via video conferencing using FaceTime, WhatsApp and/or Skype
  • Sales people working from home to provide over the phone moving quotes and answer any questions and/or concerns
  • Daily cleaning of our equipment, facilities and most importantly the trucks and cabs
  • Monitoring our crews before and after they are at our dispatching depot
  • Providing our workers with masks, gloves, disposable shoes covers and disinfecting supplies, as supplies last.

We hope our clients are extending the same courtesy to our employees.
We are all in this together, and are confident we can all work together to stop the spread of Coronavirus. We thank you for your patronage and look forward to being of service to you!

Click here for our NYS Business Reopening Safety Plan

Nancy Zafrani

General Manager

Oz Moving & Storage

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