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We have found through years of experience with junk removal that disposing of old mattresses is not quite as straightforward as you may think, as New York City has some strict rules about mattress disposal. But there are still several options available depending on the size and condition of the mattress, the type of disposal required, your location, and your budget.

So, let's find out more about the rules regarding mattress disposal, how to prepare your mattress for collection, why you should think about hiring a professional mattress removal service, and some tips to make the entire process easier.

Understanding NYC's Mattress Disposal Regulations

If you decide to use the New York City bulky collection option for mattress disposal, you need to follow the rules to avoid getting fined. In some areas getting rid of a used mattress is straightforward, but in New York City it's a little more complicated.

However, at least you no longer need to contact the waste management office and notify them that you need removal. Although, due to a recent bedbug epidemic, all mattresses must be sealed in a plastic bag before collection. If you fail to seal the mattress properly the City will fine you.

Mattresses can now be placed with regular trash as they are no longer considered bulk items that need a pre-booked collection from the Department of Sanitation. You can call 311 for more information but there is no need to book a collection. Once you have checked the bulk trash collection day, the mattress must be placed in the designated collection area, which is typically the same area where ordinary trash bags are collected.

It's important to note that simply dumping mattresses on the street or in public areas in New York City is subject to penalties and fines. So before using this service, make sure you fully understand all the rules and double-check everything against your local trash disposal rules and regulations.

Preparing Your Mattress for Disposal

First, ensure the old mattress is tightly wrapped in plastic sheeting or similar and sealed with tape. This will protect it from getting wet and contain any bed bug infestation.

Make sure you remove the box spring before placing your mattress in the agreed collection point. Failing to do this can cause delays, the mattress collection to be refused, or even additional charges.

Do not place mattresses on the sidewalk or street outside of bulk trash collection day without first booking a collection and ensuring it can be disposed of legally and safely.

Make sure your sealed mattress is available near the curb for pick up on the designated bulk trash collection day.

Options for Mattress Disposal in NYC

There are several ways to get rid of old mattresses in New York City:

  • You can leave it for the local sanitation department on the bulk trash collection day.

  • You can recycle the mattress by contacting recycling centers in your area directly.

  • You can donate the mattress to charitable organizations like the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

  • You can contact the local landfill sites directly to arrange proper disposal.

  • Or you can hire a professional mattress removal company.

Options for Mattress Disposal in NYC

When and Why to Hire Professional Mattress Removal Services

Although there are other options, hiring a junk removal service that will remove and responsibly dispose of your old mattress is very convenient. While there will be a fee involved for mattress removal services, they are convenient and will ensure the mattress is disposed of properly or recycled if possible.

These services are ideal for those who love hassle-free solutions, or if you live in a building that does not allow large items to be placed outside for collection. They are also great if you don't really want to wait for the bulk collection day and need the mattress to be removed as soon as possible.

Also, if the mattress is infested with bed bugs the options for removal are more limited and more expensive. However, there are residential junk removal services that specialize in disposing of mattresses with bed bug infestations that will take care of the disposal quickly and efficiently.

We have been providing a range of moving services for many years and include a convenient mattress removal option in NYC. We can deal with single items like mattresses, handle an entire house or estate clearance, or take care of anything in between. Talk to one of our specialists for more information, and get a free quote.

Tips for Hassle-Free Mattress Disposal

  • Check the regulations and guidelines set by the New York City Department of Sanitation regarding mattress disposal to find out when you can leave it curbside for collection.

  • If your mattress is eligible for curbside pickup via the New York City Department of Sanitation or your local waste management department check the date for the bulk trash collection day in your area.

  • Wrap your mattress in a plastic mattress bag or cover to prevent the spread of bed bugs. The New York City Department of Sanitation does not provide mattress bags or covers.

  • Consider recycling as an eco-friendly option to reduce waste.

  • If your mattress is still in good condition, consider donating it to a local charity.

  • Hire a professional junk removal service to handle the entire process for you.


Can You Leave Your Mattress on The Curb for Pickup In NYC?

Yes, you can leave your mattress on the curb for pickup on the bulk trash collection day but double check with the Department of Sanitation by calling 311. The Department of Sanitation provides guidelines on how to properly dispose of mattresses and these requirements have to be followed to avoid a fine of $100.

These rules are in place to safeguard the health and well-being of the entire community. The key requirements are mattresses must be sealed inside a sealed plastic bag and not set out bagged mattresses earlier than 4 PM the evening before collection day. Check mattress disposal rules for more information.

Where Can You Donate a Gently Used Mattress In NYC?

Many organizations do not accept mattress donations because of hygiene issues and the risk of bed bug infestation. For example, Nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity take furniture but will not accept mattresses. But the Salvation Army will accept stain-free mattresses in good condition as do many local charities, shelters, and other nonprofit organizations in New York City.

Most organizations will have strict health and safety standards for accepting used mattresses so ensure the mattress is clean and free from stains, tears, or infestation. Donations can significantly help people in need and are better for the environment too.

What are the Tax Benefits of Mattress Donation?

Donating an old mattress to a certified charity can potentially reduce taxable income. If you donate to a qualifying charitable organization, you can subtract the value of the donation from your taxable income when filing taxes, but it's important to check if your chosen charity is IRS-approved and keep records of your donation.

The value of your mattress when donating it will depend on the condition and age of the mattress. The brand can also play a role in the value as some high-end brands retain more value. Lastly, the size will also affect donation value. But bear in mind each charitable organization will likely have its own unique method for determining the mattress value so it's best to check directly with the charity.

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