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How To Pack a Master Bedroom

Moving the master bedroom in your house is a labour of love. There are a lot of personal items in these areas that those moving want to ensure arrive at their new home in pristine condition. Among other things, this includes your wardrobe, the master bed, and other nice items like lamps, TVs, et cetera. Here's our advice on how to move the tricky stuff in your master bedroom.


How to Pack Your Clothes


Each item in your wardrobe is its own challenge. Make sure to grab some wardrobe boxes before you start packing your clothes; these specialty boxes come with a bar across the top for hanging up items of clothing. For dresses and suits in wardrobe boxes, it’s important to leave gaps between the items to prevent wrinkles. If you have garment bags to put the most valuable pieces in, those could be quite useful. For nicer pairs of shoes, wrap each individual shoe carefully with packing paper. Put paper inside the shoes, too - like you find when you buy a new pair. In order to take the best care of these items, don’t pack anything at the bottom of the wardrobe boxes to prevent fluctuations of these items if the box were to move in transit.

How To Disassemble a Bed



Not all beds are deconstructed the same way, so it pays to be attentive to detail. Whenever an Oz crew needs to disassemble a bed, they bring power pools and Allen keys to separate the individual components of the bed. Whenever disassembling anything, beds included, it is pivotal to keep in mind that it needs to be put back together. Keep all the Hardware together and attached to the piece if you can. If re-assembly seems really complicated, you can take a trick from Oz’s book: make marks on the bed with blue painter’s tape that will look different from normal brown movers’ packing tape. Wrap the bed in reverse to make sure you don’t damage any of the wood or other material the bed is made of. Wrap the non sticky part over the surface, then wrap it around again to maintain the same effect without the stickiness.

Quick Tip: Use your empty tape roll  as a makeshift box for screws & other small hardware used on the bed by taping up the sides.


How To Move A Dresser



You won't just be moving things where you sleep and dress yourself. Here’s some advice on moving the other stuff in the master bedroom.



Dressers or drawers typically are moved as is, without much fuss. Make sure to remove all the items from the drawers before you move anything; items inside can cause collisions. Otherwise, just wrap them up in moving blankets and lift onto a dolly. 


For larger pieces of artwork, go purchase a picture box - these are great for moving around your wall decorations without risking damage. With picture frames, wrap everything in bubble wrap and use a smaller box for fragile items. You may be able to put these in a china box.



Bedrooms have a lot of typical household items - like side tables, TVs, and lamps. Check our our living room packing guide for our tips on packing these ubiquitous items.



Some people take the opportunity of the moving process to change up their bedroom style, starting with their bedding. It can't hurt to experiment with a new style in the new bedroom with a fresh set of linens and covers.  



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