General Packing Tips

Looking for moving tips and packing tricks? You are in the right place. Learn all about how to prepare for a move, when to start packing, how much you should tip movers, and much more. Our experienced movers share their expert advice on what you need to know about moving tips. Read along!

The experts at Oz Moving & Storage have compiled a series of moving guides to help you pack and prepare for your move. Our professional packers understand better than anyone else what type of boxes and packing supplies you’ll need to safely pack up your belongings. How’s it all supposed to even fit? Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves.

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General Packing Tips

8 Tips for How to Pack a Kitchen When Moving

It’s moving time! While there are many crucial steps for preparing for a move, none is more crucial than packing. Everyone has a different method when it comes to vacating their current home and pac...

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