10 Items to Throw Out Before Moving

downsizing your home


10 Tips For Downsizing Your Home

You’re getting ready for your moving day, looking through you house and taking inventory, when you realize: “I have way too much stuff.” Who needs so many things, so much clutter? We say get rid of it, especially if you're downsizing your home. Our list of 10 items (and a few more) to get rid of can help you make your moving day a little bit easier, and in the process make you feel a little bit warm and fuzzy.


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1. Sell or Donate Old, Unwanted Media

Some CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Blu-Rays, Books, and other pieces of media, are just collecting dust for most of us. We don’t have much of a use for them. However, there are plenty of people on the internet who would be happy to buy these mass market media items. By selling some of your old media, you can make your moving day inventory a little bit smaller and make a couple bucks on the side, too. If you have the time, list your wares individually on sites like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or Glyde, Half.com, or another online selling database. If you don’t have that much time, sites like decluttr.com will buy your CDs, DVDs, Games and Blu-Rays in bulk; if it has a UPC, they’ll buy it. Search around; there’s probably a market for what you’re trying to get rid of.


2. Give Old Coats to a Coat Drive

You need a winter coat, but don’t need that old, dirty jacket. There is someone out there that does need that coat, however. Winter is brutal and life-threatening to many of those who are less fortunate throughout the country. Your donation of a winter coat can go far to help someone in need. If you’re moving from New York with Oz, consider donating your coat to New York Cares, a fabulous charity Oz has worked with in the past, who conduct a massive coat drive every winter to bring warmth to those around New York that need it. (If you’re not in New York, another local charitable organization would love to have your coat.)


3. Recycle or Donate Outdated Electronics

Many people keep their old electronic devices around because they simply don’t know how to dispose of them. But old electronics often are useless and just collecting dust in old homes. These electronics can be heavy to move, but  throwing away computers, televisions, phones, and other electronic devices like throwing away other trash could be punishable by fine. So how are you supposed to dispose of them? Some thrift shops and electronics retailers will take old electronics; they may even take away an old computer from your home if you have a new one delivered there. Other programs such as eCycleNYC allow building residents to recycle electronics in bins within their own buildings. For more information on recycling electronics in NYC, consult the NYC Department of Sanitation webpage on Electronics Disposal.

Packing up old kitchen supplies 

4. Get Involved with Toys For Tots

Each holiday season, many less fortunate families don’t get to experience the joy of opening lots of presents with their families. Great organizations like Toys for Tots try to help by collecting toys to donate to these kids who don’t get to experience the same holiday joy. We all know kids are fickle, and they tend to pick toys based on ephemeral phases and trends. While some toys stick it out and are definitely worth keeping, some from a parent’s collection should be ideal for donating to a local toy drive.

5. Dispose of Old Liquids

Liquids are a moving nightmare; they’re a mess waiting to happen. Often times, moving crews won’t allow their customers to bring liquids onto the truck. The chance for the containers to spill and potentially spread to the rest of the belongings is too high. Plus, what liquid is really worth moving with anyway? Make sure you only buy what you absolutely must have for the month before you move for your fridge, your hygienic and cosmetic needs, and other liquids you use. This way you can make sure that you don’t have any left-over liquids that you have to throw out or nervously pack.  


6. Sell Old Clothes

Clothes are one of the most surplussed items in the world. Chances are, a significant amount of your personal wardrobe is totally superfluous. So why keep it? Unless you have a great reason to not, consider donating or selling your old clothes that don’t match with anything. You can try selling your old clothes online on websites like eBay, or more specific marketplaces like tradesy.com, but we recommend donating clothes as it’s easier and feels better. A local thrift shop or goodwill will take the clothes you wouldn’t wear and find them a new home. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores are like goodwill stores, and they use the proceeds from sales of donated items to help finance their charitable operations. If you don’t have the time to visit a store to donate items, DonateStuff.com will send you free pre-paid UPS bags to mail in your clothing; you can even choose the charity to have your donation support. Your donation of clothing is tax-deductible too! It’s a win from all angles; get rid of unwanted clothes, open up more space, get that good-deed do-good feeling, and save a little bit on your taxes.


Where to donate old Furniture



7. Resell Old/Damaged Furniture or Appliances

These heavy, big items can take up a lot of room in your moving truck or cause a headache to move because of their weight. A move is a great chance to start fresh - and what better way to do that then by purchasing new appliances, furniture, home goods, etc. to turn that fresh start into something great (and chic.) If you’d rather sell your old, damaged furniture or appliances on craigslist, or use a site like AptDeco where you can list your furniture in a marketplace more catered for furniture resale. Donating furniture or appliances is always a great move too - think of all the less fortunate families that would love a sewing machine or a nicer sofa.

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8. Give Away Un-needed Kitchenware

If you have at least 1 coffee mug, chances are you have too many. Same goes for tupperware, forks, knives, plates, other cups, bowls, can openers, etc. etc. etc. Packing all these superfluous kitchenware is going to take a while and some of this stuff may never actually get unpacked. Did you ever actually use that blender? More than once? Donate, sell, get rid, etc. etc. Do whatever you need to do to free up a little bit of space and keep your future kitchen nice and neat.


9. Digitize Old memorabilia

A lot of the stuff people people never use but keep around is kept because of its “sentimental value”. Sure, there’s no need to throw away your wedding photos, or your college diploma, but do you really need that 2nd place spelling-bee trophy? Anything you can digitize, digitize. This is the 21st century. Scan that old photo album and turn it into a DropBox folder. Turn an old yearbook into a custom facebook friends list. For the rest, dump or donate. Some young musician could use your old school band stuff more than you. Anything you can bear parting with makes your moving day that much easier.  

Where to donate old memorabilia 

10. Donate Anything You Didn’t Realize Was In Your Closet

If you didn’t even remember that you had it, you probably don’t need it. That's a simple tip to consider as you are downsizing your home.


Goodwill donations


Places to get rid of Stuff:


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