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Oz Moving packing delicate plates

How do you pack valuable, fragile glassware? As our operations team would say, “Very carefully”. When a professional moving crew handles their glass items, a moving client will understand just how valuable hiring experienced professionals is. Oz Moving crews know exactly the right way to handle glass items like wine glasses, shot glasses, mirrors, glass tables and more.

Best tip: use moving boxes

Moving boxes are made of what’s referred to as “Double-wall corrugation”. Simply put, these boxes are extra insulated and strong compared to boxes used for normal mail shipping. The extra layer adds additional protection to absorb any impact upon content that helps prevent vibration in boxes which could cause contents to shift. Glass items are among the most fragile and susceptible to damage items movers handle on a regular basis. The benefits of skimping on using the right packing materials to prepare them for a move are not worth the risks.

Moving Glass Tables

Long, thin glass tables usually won’t fit in any normal sized moving box. Oz movers circumvent this but creating a custom box for long glass tables called “crates”. These crates can be created when our movers cut open a normal moving box in order to flatten it. Once the box is fully flattened, the cardboard can be wrapped around the table. Before wrapping the box around the table, put a moving blanket on top for an extra layer of security. If one box isn’t enough to cover the whole table, tape two or more together. Wardrobe boxes or china boxes are quite big though and can cover plenty of table.

How to Pack Mirrors

For a larger mirror, like a standing mirror, the packing process will be similar to packing a  glass table. Create a larger box, cover the mirror with a moving blanket, and move with care! Smaller mirrors can be wrapped with bubble wrap or buffered by white packing paper in a picture box. For long distance moves, sometimes Wooden crates will be used; it depends on the size of the mirror and the glass.


Wine glasses on table


Moving Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are tricky for most people to move because they have an odd shape. Stem, glass, etc. make the spatial arrangement of glasses in the packing box tough. In addition, according to the Oz dispatch team, each wine glass needs to be wrapped individually. Bubble wrap can be used to wrap the glasses, as can blank packing paper. Do not use newspaper to wrap the glasses, as the ink can easily smear onto them.

Boxes with wine glasses need to be layered. A needed layer, according to our dispatch team, is cushioning at the bottom. Additional packing paper should also be used as a buffer between the wine glasses to prevent them from shifting en transit and colliding.

Need to create cushioning at the bottom of the box, bubble wrap or white packing paper. Heavy items on bottom, light items on top of each. The tighter the box is packed with additional packing paper, the less likely the contents inside can shift in transit.

Moving Shot Glasses

Shot glasses and most other glasses are similar to wine glasses, but there is a main differences. Usually these glasses can be stacked on top of each other. This prevents the need to wrap each glass separately and use a lot of additional packing paper. Still, make sure to fill up the box with packing paper to prevent the glasses from shifting during the journey.

One last Tip

During unpacking, crystal glasses are really light and sometimes people think the boxes with them inside are just full of paper. Often the moving customers will toss these boxes around which can cause significant damage. Be careful during unpacking and double check that the contents of these boxes are not just paper.

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