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Studio Apt Living in NYC 

Moving into a studio in New York City is a big challenge for New York’s most ambitious residents. Space is NYC’s most expensive luxury - and those who can’t afford it have to be creative in their moving and storage endeavors. The average NYC studio apartment is only about 550 square feet; not leaving a lot of room to work with, even for more creative New Yorkers. Fortunately, interior designer Angela Kantarellis of AKOrganizing has some great tips for any New Yorkers who are looking to maximize the space in their studio.


The least utilized space in most apartments is the space in the third dimension - height. “Choose vertical shelves rather than low, horizontal ones.” Kantarelis says. “Use floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Shelving the whole wall to attractively house books, a TV, electronics, media.” Stacking items is another great way to utilize a studio apartment’s height to its full advantage, especially in any storage space. Utilize tiered storage racks near the kitchen to store more items in one area. When putting away your moving boxes, you can stack all the same-sized ones in one spot without taking up much space.


Pullout Couches for Studios


In such a small space, everything that uses any area needs to make the space count. Some of the best utility in a studio apartment can come from multi-use furniture. “Invest in furniture that can be used for multiple purposes - a storage trunk that can be used as a coffee table, an ottoman or bench with storage space for linens.” Think a pull-out couch, an ottoman for living room items, or a murphy bed with storage underneath. “A bench in the hallway is not only a convenient place to put on your shoes. If you get one with hidden storage, it's a great spot for hats, gloves and scarves. A bench at the foot of the bed is a great hideaway for extra linens, pillows and out of season clothing. Seek out furniture that will work overtime to neatly store your things away.” Kantarellis says.


Reducing Clutter before Moving


Ultimately, fitting all your life’s possessions into your New York City studio apartment might be a bridge too far. So some of the stuff you’ll need to chuck. “To maximize space in a studio apartment keep clutter at bay by decluttering regularly.” Kantarellis says. “Clutter makes a space look smaller and it takes up valuable real estate. Pay attention to where clutter accumulates. If your table is covered with mail and papers, get a basket to corral everything in one space and free up space. Clearing surfaces is a great way to keep clutter at bay. “

Intrepid New Yorkers may be able to get a foot ahead of clutter by selling off items that aren’t necessarily clutter, but aren’t life or death necessities that they can get fair market value for. For a quick sale, try the nearest garage sale or flea market. There’s probably a  marketplace available for almost ANYTHING you might sell online. Craigslist is an easy option that doesn’t take a lot of effort for listing. Amazon and eBay are two additional options for selling small appliances, while sites like AptDeco and MoveLoot will help you sell your old furniture. For old media (such as books, video games and DVDs), there are plenty of options to sell; and Amazon have organized marketplaces where buyers can find your listed items by ISBN. allows sellers to sell their CDs, DVDs, and video games in bulk, eliminating the taxing listing process. If you’re not the kind to sell, you can donate to thrift shops and charities instead. 

Storage Facilities by Oz Moving



If you need a little bit more space than the apartment you live in offers, there’s always the option of outside storage space. From self-storage to full storage, there are plenty of options available. New Yorkers often have additional in-building storage options, offering maximum convenience with simultaneous spatial relief. Check out some of Oz Moving’s storage options and see if they’re right for you.


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