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Williamsburg is a very popular neighborhood in Brooklyn for nightlife, shopping and dining out. Over a decade ago, Williamsburg transitioned from a mostly industrial area into one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City. The development of the area boomed, and the prices soon followed. 

As result a lot of people are moving here. At OZ Moving & Storage, we have a team of professional movers based in Brooklyn that know what is takes to move from Williamsburg to NYC. Below are some considerations before you make the leap.

#1 Understand What Life is Like in Williamsburg

Compared to other more quiet areas of Brooklyn, Living in Williamsburg is a lot like living in downtown Manhattan in terms of convenience and nightlife. However, Williamsburg has little to no high rise buildings, which can make the area feel a lot more peaceful. Moreover, Williamsburg caters to a younger crowd, full of single professionals or couples looking to start a family. New Yorkers are known for their busy lives, but Brooklyn can be a bit more laid back.

The homes in Williamsburg range from single family homes to brownstones to luxury apartment buildings. Many of the new construction projects in Williamsburg offer amenities like gyms, swimming pools and concierge services. While some Manhattan properties do offer these amenities, they will likely be more expensive. Another thing to know before moving to Lower Manhattan, is the type of apartment building. In Lower Manhattan, you are more likely to live in a multi-story apartment building with 5+ neighbors. Whereas in Williamsburg, most residents live in smaller buildings with 2-3 neighbors, which gives the area a more familiar feel. 

#2 The Difference of Living in Williamsburg Brooklyn VS Manhattan

Williamsburg is a relaxed and easygoing area with multiple parks. Williamsburg is known for its hipster vibe and younger residents. Williamsburg has become a bit more refined and upscale than nearby Bushwick, which is also known for its alternative music and bar scene. 

Though there are no enormous parks like Prospect Park or Central Park in Williamsburg, there are plenty of areas to lounge around on a hot summer day. One of the most exciting parks in Williamsburg is Domino Park, which was built in the former Domino Sugar factory. Domino Park is an upscale and renovated green space with excellent East River views.

If you head down to Greenpoint, you will find McCarren Park and McGolrick Park which are perfect for summer picnics and throwing around a frisbee. McCarren Park also hosts a nice farmers market on the weekends. 

The pace of life in Manhattan is certainly quicker, and the streets can be more crowded. This can be an adjustment for those Brooklynites moving over to Manhattan. Another thing to note is that Manhattan also has more office buildings and corporate institutions which can impact the vibe. 

#3 Getting Around & Public Transit in NYC

Getting around Williamsburg is super easy with public transportation. Williamsburg is connected by the L and G trains, and is equipped with numerous bike paths. Biking into Manhattan on the Williamsburg Bridge is one of the best parts about living in the area. There are a number of citi bike stations in Williamsburg which is a great feature if you don’t own a bike. 

#4 Cost of Living in NYC vs. Brooklyn

New York City has recently been named the most expensive place to live in the USA, even surpassing San Francisco which previously held the title. Williamsburg is an expensive place to live, even for New York standards. The average rent for a 1 bedroom Williamsburg apartment surpasses $2800 per month, which is more affordable than the rent in the East Village area of lower Manhattan. The East Village is another popular bohemian neighborhood for young people in NYC.

Depending on where you move to Manhattan, real estate prices may actually be cheaper. Areas in lower Manhattan like Yorkville on the Upper East Side and Tudor City/ Murray Hill in Midtown Manhattan can actually be more affordable than Brooklyn. In recent years, prices in these neighborhoods have stayed fairly constant while prices in Brooklyn have mushroomed. Other Brooklyn neighborhoods like Dumbo, Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook and Park Slope have seen prices soar. 

#5 Is NYC safer than Williamsburg Brooklyn?

Williamsburg is not the safest neighborhood in Brooklyn, particularly East Williamsburg. However, relatively speaking, Williamsburg is a safe area with low violent crime. Lower Manhattan is also safe in terms of low rates of violent crime. Kings County is considered the borough where you are more likely to be the victim of a violent crime. The Bronx is next, followed by Manhattan. Many may not know, but Queens often ranks as one of the safest boroughs of NYC. 

That being said, walking around NYC is perfectly safe and you are unlikely to be the victim of a crime. 

#6 Neighbourhood Culture & Things to do in Williamsburg

Williamsburg has a bit of everything. The waterfront area of Williamsburg is lovely for hanging out with friends or going on a jog. Williamsburg is also great for shopping and boutique workouts. There are tons of nice work out studios in the area as well as vintage shops and local boutiques. 

For dinner, there are dozens of options to choose from, ranging from Peruvian to Japanese to Polish cuisines. Williamsburg is a hotspot for cool new dining options. Be sure to check out the many restaurants scattered along Bedford Avenue or Lorimer. 

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