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One of the people’s biggest worries is packing fragile items. Anxiety creeps in as moving day gets closer and closer, and many worry if their valuable, delicate items will make it to their new home in one piece. Adequate preparation can take the uncertainty out of moving some of these valuables.

The most critical step in packing fragile household items for moving is adding a layer to protect them from damage caused by movement and contact. What kind of layer the packer will use depends on the item's size.

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For Smaller Items

Smaller fragile items may cause more anxiety, as what happens to them in transit is a little bit more shrouded in mystery behind boxes and packing materials. These materials, however, are doing a lot to help protect smaller fragile items in the moving process. Getting the right materials can go a long way for your peace of mind when you’re moving some smaller fragile items like china, wine glasses, and picture frames.
First, start off with sturdy moving boxes, ideally new ones, to pack up your fragile items. Don’t skimp on the quality of your boxes when it comes to your valuables; less sturdy boxes can break or puncture, putting your items in harm’s way. Next, wrap all your valuable items in packing paper or bubble wrap. Items like cups and plates that can be stacked should be wrapped individually to prevent friction. Don’t fill these boxes to the brim with items, as you won’t want your items coming in contact with other items or the edges of the boxes. Instead, leave some room for a buffer, and then fill the remainder of the box with packing paper to ensure items aren’t shifting en transit.

For Larger Items

For items too large to fit into a sturdy moving box, the game changes a bit. Fortunately, Oz has the experience to know how to handle these more unwieldy items. When packing paper is too small, Oz typically uses moving blankets to handle fragile items. These blankets are large and sturdy enough add an extra layer of protection around items like mirrors, tables and antique furniture.
For the most valuable large furniture items, Oz and other moving companies provide custom built crates. Wood-built crates provide maximum security while moving larger fragile items. Often times Oz will combine cut cardboard pieces from moving boxes and put them together to create a larger box acting as a crate. For the most valuable items, Oz will build a wooden crate to provide maximum protection.

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Full Service

The easiest way to ensure your fragile items are packed right is to have a professional pack them. Seasoned Movers and Packers not only have the experience to use the proper procedures to pack these fragile items; they also come prepared with high quality packing products to ensure your items are transported safely. The best protection for a fragile item being moved might actually be hiring a full service moving company. Amateurs in moving are more likely to handle fragile items improperly, stumble trying to carry something heavy, or get exhausted and suffer the mental and physical consequences. Full service moving service means the movers handle all facets, from packing to transportation to unpacking. An experienced moving team is more likely to take all the right steps during the move to protect your items.


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