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One of the biggest challenges associated with a moving project centers on antiques. Vintage items of high monetary or sentimental value require additional care and planning … an obvious consideration, but one often overlooked until the last moment. Oz offers the following tips for preparing antiques so that your move will be as effortless as possible.  

Packing small items

Small antiques such as coins, jewelry, and dolls call for careful packing before transport. Sturdy carton boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, and bubble wrap are just a few prerequisites for you to use. Many smaller items can be moved on one’s own, ensuring a greater feeling of security, but be certain to mark FRAGILE on every box you handle yourself. In the heat of the moment, all moving boxes look the same, and it is easy to confuse a carton of kitchen utensils with one housing priceless figurines, and even easier to mistakenly place a heavier box on top.

Securing large items

Depending upon the size of the antique item, loose or removable parts should be handled with care. Many secondary antique pieces (doorknobs, brass fittings, glass panes, etc.) can be extremely valuable on their own, as well as difficult to replace; make sure to secure them to the larger item, or wrap them separately. Dresser drawers and shelving may be packed individually to prevent damage due to in-transit shifting, while mirrors, glass panels, etc. should be sufficiently padded. If small accessory pieces are removed for transport, be sure to bag them and clearly label what antique they belong to. 

Appraisals and insurance

Prior to the move, it is wise to have a professional appraisal completed for your antiques. Assigned valuations will be useful for insurance purposes, as well as in maintaining up-to-date records for yourself. Keep a paper trail! It is also wise to verify which antiques are covered under homeowner’s insurance, should unexpected problems arise.

Beginning and ending inventory list

For your own peace of mind, keeping a detailed inventory list is highly advisable, especially when antiques are being moved. Part of the listing process includes proper labeling, so that items can be readily identified and located at the beginning location, and upon delivery. A detailed inventory list should also include the specific placement of each antique in your new location, be it bedroom, den, etc. 

Dollars and sense

Cost effectiveness is always part of the moving equation, but there is a wide chasm between smart and cheap. The inherent value of your antiques requires that they be handled by professional movers, not necessarily by the least expensive moving company. 


Oz Moving & Storage has over two decades and thousands of moving projects to our credit, and we treat every move as if it is our most important. Plan carefully when preparing your antiques for transport to a new location, and let Oz take care of the heavy lifting.

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