How to Apply for an Apartment

How To Apply for an Apartment


After a grueling stretch of NYC Apartment Hunting, you’ve picked out the one:  your future home. But before you start planning the interiors in your head, you need to take time to make sure you will actually get to live there. The apartment application process is fairly simple, but there may be a few pitfalls along the way if you’re not careful.


Make sure you meet the financial qualifications in order to rent or buy the apartment. If you’re renting, property managers will check to make sure your yearly income reaches a certain multiple of the monthly rent: usually about 40-50x as much, but it varies. (For mortgage payments on bought properties this likely follows.) If you’re a college student, or a dependant that can’t meet that threshold, you may be able to use a guarantor. A guarantor is an outside figure that can be held accountable in case the tenant defaults on their rent. Guarantors will need to have a yearly income twice as much as the one renters need to have; their yearly income requirements may be anywhere from 80x to 100x the monthly rent. If you don’t have a guarantor, you may be able to negotiate a larger security deposit, or use third party financing such as Insurent.

This isn’t even taking into account the credit check your apartment search will almost certainly require you to consent to. Property Managers will want to look into your history of paying bills and debts. If that history shows any signs of problematic behavior, your application may be jeopardized. Managers will be looking into your credit score as well. According to BrickUnderGround, a credit score under 700 would raise a red flag for almost any property manager.


If you want to negotiate your final price, there isn’t a lot of room to do that in this process. Your largest negotiation leverage comes on the broker fee - agents are often willing to lower their fees to complete a transaction and satisfy their clients. Property Managers are less likely to lower rent, and given the rents people are willing to pay in New York City, it’s hard to blame them. You may be able to get fees for amenities, your application, credit check, or other ancillary expenses waived or lowered in negotiation. 


You and your guarantor will need to present plenty of personal documents to complete your application, including but often not limited to:

  • Government Picture ID (maybe 2 forms)

  • Pay Stubs

  • Bank Statements

  • Tax Returns (W-2 as well)

  • Other Asset Valuation Documents (for Real Estate, Stocks/Bonds, other investments, etc.)

  • References (Information of previous landlords and current employer) 

You may also choose to include;

  • A cover letter (why you would be a good tenant)

  • Reference Letters (From roommates, landlords, professional colleagues)

  • Any supplemental documents that bolster your application

Keep in mind the landlord will have the final say on your apartment application, but often has no reason to turn away an applicant provided they have their financials in order.




Applying for an Apartment


Once your apartment application is approved, the last remaining step is to sign the lease. It is best to do this with all involved parties present, including guarantors, roommates, and property managers to ensure everyone is on the same page about the terms of the lease. A lot of information can be clarified in these meetings. Once the terms of the lease are set and the papers have all be signed, it’s time to get ready move into your new apartment.

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