5 Tips to Optimize Your Apartment Viewing

By Maria Fallia, NYC Real Estate Agent at Bohemia Realty Group

How to Sell your Apartment

So you’ve vetted your real estate agent (or hustled to find No Fee Apartments to view on your own) and it is finally the day for you to actually see your potential apartments! Here are five suggestions to help you get the most out of your showing:

1)Smile and be nice! Smiling at someone in the elevator of the building you are in, or at the Super who is kindly taking time out of his day to show you the apartment can help unlock LOADS of information about the building you just wouldn’t know without knowing someone “on the inside”. Ask tenants if the super is responsive or if there have been recent issues with the building… and 9 out of 10 times they will be happy to take 5 minutes to give you the scoop on the building!

2)Bring a measuring tape and know what furniture you are bringing to the new apartment. If you know you have a king size bed or an oversized sofa that you can’t part with, measure it beforehand and write the measurements down. When you are in an apartment you like but are not quite sure if that sofa will fit… just whip out your tape measure and check! No guessing necessary.

3)Have your paperwork ready BEFORE the showing. I have seen too many clients find their dream apartment and lose it because they didn’t have all paperwork ready. Rentals in Manhattan (especially in the summer time) move like LIGHTNING. If you are serious about moving and finding the best place, have your documents ready (electronically or in person at the showing) and be ready to fill out applications and submit that day. This will also make your application process much less stressful because you won’t be scrambling at the last minute.

4)If you have roommates, discuss the basic structure of how rent will be paid with them beforehand.In NYC, you will rarely find a three bedroom with equal sized bedrooms. Most of the time you will find one of those bedrooms to be smaller/less desirable. To remedy this, a lot of roommates decide to scale rent based on size. If this is your case, sit down with your roommates and discuss everyone’s price maxes and minimums based on size so you can have a better understanding of what you are actually looking at (and can each afford) before the showing.

5)Make sure you have space for photos and video on your phone (and that it’s charged)! It’s such a funny suggestion, but taking photos and videos of the apartments you see is KEY to helping you make the best decision. After a couple of apartments, they all start to blend together and you won’t be able to keep them straight. Take photos (maybe even paired with notes) so you can keep track.



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