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Watching the HBO mini-series Chernobyl is scary to say the least, and after viewing the first couple of episodes, our thoughts naturally turned to the environment and how easily it can be desecrated and damaged.

As we go through our every-day lives, almost everything we do has an effect on our planet and moving from one end of the country to another is no different. There are, however, six important things you can do to make your next summer move more eco-friendly.


The easiest way to make less of an environmental mess is to move less stuff. Whether you’re moving to a Minneapolis studio apartment or a New York City penthouse, still, the fewer things mean less energy will have to be expended moving, and that’s a good thing.

First, examine the big picture and cull your belongings. Old TVs, broken power tools, cracked mirrors and other debris need not be moved. Just make sure you dispose of junk in an environmentally friendly manner.


Undoubtedly, you’ll have some belongings that you no longer need; these might, though, be very valuable to someone else. Therefore, have a garage sale, place ads on Craigslist or even consult a company that sells estates. By selling unwanted items you’ll pick up extra cash and again avoid having to spend time, money and energy moving those pieces.


Sure, you can still use a major van line company to move your stuff, and even though some people have problems, van line moving disasters are not automatic. Alternatively, you can consider doing a container move, or better yet, use one of the companies that will let you use part of a semi-trailer to load your stuff onto.

If you don’t need the entire trailer, you can use just a part of it and the company will tell you have to secure your belongings and separate them from those of others. Your items will be safe and secure, and you will be contributing to an environmentally friendly move as you will be sharing truck space with other persons that are also relocating.

Sometimes, the best answer is using a full-service moving companywho really values the environment and doing things the right way. You’ll be able to ask questions when setting up a move date with the company you choose; so don’t forget to ask the eco-friendly questions! And hey, you might even want to spend a few extra bucks for the awesome white glove services provided.


Do your homework and use only fuel-efficient vehicles. Not that we are suggesting that you use a particular company, but look at what one self-moving concern takes the time to explain on its website:

“When you rent with a company like Penske, you can expect fuel efficiency. It's the happy by-product of our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, provided by more than 8,500 Penske-trained technicians and maintenance personnel at more than 1,000 Penske service facilities across North America. In fact, Penske is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for superior fuel efficiency and carbon emissions reduction.”

DRIVE AT A SAFE SPEED tells us this and its great advice:

“A truck traveling at 75 mph consumes 27% more fuel than one going 65 mph; so limiting truck speed to 65 mph would save 2.8 billion gals. of diesel fuel over a decade. Consequently, the trucking association has recommended enacting a national speed limit not to exceed 65 mph and governing speeds on trucks manufactured after 1992 at no more than 65 mph.” The moral here is to drive at 65 or under.


Finally, driving at need can help air quality during ozone emission action days, so if you feel comfortable, sleep during the day and drive at night. But if you don’t have what it takes to do this all by yourself, again, think about hiring movers. A great residential moving company can make things much, much easier for you.

You know that even little things help, and while you are planning your summer move, please keep your planet’s health in mind.

The above is a guest post by ABODO. ABODO is an online apartment marketplace that helps renters find apartments all across the country. ABODO reports on rent rates, the changing of real estate markets and trends within the industry. For more information, please visit:

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