Moving while Pregnant Tips

Moving While Pregnant


Everyone knows moving is already taxing and stressful. Moving while pregnant, however, is a unique nightmare. Pregnancy makes everything more difficult, and moving is no exception. When you gotta move, however, you really have to move. Oz discussed the strains of moving while pregnant with a few people that have experienced it firsthand who offered us some advice on what to do - and more importantly, what not to do.



The #1 way to save stress while moving during your pregnancy is to stop doing it. Oz General Manager Nancy Zafrani, mother to one daughter, told us right away that the best pregnancy moving advice was “Don’t Move”. Unfortunately, some people can’t take this extremely practical advice. People find themselves obligated to move for many reasons, even during the most inconvenient periods of their life. If you really have to move during your pregnancy, here are some more tips:



It’s hard to think of a more appropriate circumstance to hire movers than during your pregnancy. “I wouldn't move without them.” said Anne Fritz, a CT based freelance writer who once completed a  move the day before she gave birth. “In retrospect, it probably would have been worth the few extra hundred to have the movers pack up them rest of our belongings, including the dishes.” Pregnant movers may be able to have moving companies like Oz provide them with a variety of services on tasks they would have tackled themselves in normal circumstances - like packing services, furniture assembly/disassembly, and more. Other household tasks - like watching over kids or pets and cleaning - can be handled by other hired helpers, or delegated to other family members or friends.


“Even though you are pregnant, you should participate in the moving organization.” says Kate Windleton of UK’s Strong Move. It is less stressful to stay on top of everything this way, helping maintain stability and keep focus. After the plan is established, delegate down to friends, family members or hired helpers. Having a list of who is responsible for each task can help keep every part of the move accounted for, making sure the plans are carried out in a timely and effective manner. 
Make sure to carry out parts of the plan ahead of time, too. “The mistake I made was leaving too many essential items, largely our everyday plates and glasses, until the last minute.” Fritz told us. “I thought I would have time to pack them the morning the movers came, but by then I was 2.5 weeks out from my due date and super tired… We left more than a few items behind.” (Our tip: Try using the Oz Ultimate Moving Checklist.)


Moving While Pregnant



Pregnant women who need (or want) to do a little lifting and packing themselves can take measures to try and keep their spine intact. Maternity expert Sami Cattach says on lifting, “If in doubt, stick your butt out!”, continuing; “This will help you use more of the strong muscles of your legs and butt, rather than your spine.” Cattach also emphasizes proper breathing techniques to prevent further bodily harm; “Make sure that you never hold your breath while lifting either - this generates an excessive amount of pressure inside the abdomen which can be detrimental to both the pelvic floor, spine, and abdominal core muscles while you are pregnant and early postpartum.” The alternative: “Instead, make sure breathe OUT when you pick something up.”



Windelton reminds expecting moms,“Don't forget your healthy routine during moving day.” Deftly keeping a status quo vibe can help remove the stresses of a not-status-quo moving day. Make sure to eat at your regular hours to keep energy for the most exhausting parts of the day. It might be best to pack easily accessible water and food just in case. If anything goes wrong, keep in mind that a few minor moving miscues are not worth the turmoil that they seem to be on moving day. A few broken items won’t destroy anyone’s life, especially if they have insurance to replace them. Keeping a positive, calm attitude and remembering that the sense of change is not as grand as it seems can help women in maternity and their expected child get through the insane stresses of moving day alive.



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