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Anyone who moves long distances has to prepare for their finances to take a hit. The task of moving cross country can be a very financially draining trial. Home Advisor estimates most interstate moves cost over $1,000, and a cross-country move can cost up to $7,500. Because of how expensive moving out of state is, saving every last dollar is very important. Consumers who are moving to another part of the country have plenty of options to help them keep the hit to their bank account minimal after the last day of unpacking is done. As long distance moving experts, here is what we recommend to anyone looking to save a few bucks when they move themselves across the country.


Make the inventory as small as possible

This tip is simple, and yet so vital. Every long distance move with a moving company is priced by volume and weight, and the easiest way to cut back on both categories is to cut back on excess items. It’s not just items not needed that should be cut out of the inventory; consider what kind of items might be easier (or might make sense) to flat out replace instead of moving. Such items that could be replaced could be mattresses, couches, or televisions. When in doubt, go by the mantra: “If you don’t need it, dump or donate it.” Consider dispossessing one of these 10 items first.


Pack properly

Anyone looking to avoid costly moving day damage should avoid packing their items in cheap cardboard boxes when they move across long distances. Heavy duty moving boxes should be used when moving long distance to add the extra protection a long distance moving inventory will need on the long journey to its destination. Long distance jobs are unloaded and loaded a few times and the movement creates opportunities for accidents to happen. An accident can dent the pocketbook as much as paying for the move itself, so it is vital to play it safe with boxes on moving day.

Packing done right can also help a long distance moving customer save a buck or two. A well packed box will be tightly packed to prevent movement within the boxes. The more a moving customer fills up each of their boxes, the fewer boxes they will need. For example, when packing wardrobe boxes with hanging clothes people can put their shoes at the bottom. Anyone moving long distance will also need to make sure that anything that they need during the delivery window is packed with them, not the moving company, because it will take some time for these items to arrive at the destination. This can prevent an unnecessary panic purchase, adding to the bill long distance moving already comes with.


Pick the right moving company

As a legitimate moving company with several thousand completed jobs and satisfied customers, we have heard too many horror stories about people hiring scammy or outright fake moving companies. A long distance move is too big a job to risk to a fly by night operation that is too inexperienced to handle it, or one that could be scammers.

The moving company hired to handle a long distance moving job should be able to walk  through all the additional expenses a cross country moving consumer could expect to encounter, the primary one being shuttle service. Shuttle service is needed when a long distance move delivery cannot be made with the tractor trailer that transported the items across the country; the “shuttle” servicing the destination is a smaller vehicle that can access the destination, unlike the tractor trailer.


Prepare in advance to prevent any last minute expenses

The more preparing someone moving does beforehand the more they can save. From clipping coupons online to making sure every part of pickup day and delivery day both go without a hitch, preparation is a money saving tactic in so many ways. Being flexible with pick up and delivery dates can save time & money. Disassembling furniture that can be disassembled ahead of time saves the moving crew time, saving the customer money. Full research of all the ways additional costs could sneak up on the move can help prevent a litany of potential financial pitfalls. Read all our last minute moving tips for more on what to prepare for before moving day.

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