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The Best Pizza in NYC

In New York, you can never have enough pizza. Our city has some of the best pizza in the world; there’s no doubt that the standard New York slice is practically an American delicacy. But there are so many pizza places; which are the ones that truly stand out? We all know about Joe’s, John’s, Grimaldi’s, Patsy’s, Lombardi’s, Artichoke, etc. but there are plenty of other fabulous pizza joints with quality slices that are worthy of your patronage. Try the 10 pizzerias below, and if you don’t like it, fuhgettaboutit.


Siena Pizza / Kiss my Slice - Midtown

New York’s most crowded section is packed with mediocre pizzerias as well as other mediocre touristy fare. Siena Pizza on W 40th Street is among this area’s best. The pizzeria recently changed ownership and now goes by Kiss My Slice. Due to the value of the real estate, the place doesn’t have much of a seating arrangement or atmosphere: that won’t matter once you taste the pies.  Colin Hagendorf, who ate at every single by-the-slice pizzeria in Manhattan (excluding national chains) for his “Slice Harvester” project, ranked Siena in his top 5. The quintessential New York cheese slice at Siena is a standout in a sea of pale imitations in Midtown - a no frills cheese slice with all the right stuff (bread, sauce, and ratios notwithstanding).


Recommended by: TJ, Oz Content Writer

Address: 274 W 40th St, New York 10018
Plain Slice: $2.50
Full Menu


Best Pizza on 1st Avenue - Midtown East


Don’t be dissuaded by the name’s presumptive overhype; this small hole in the wall with barely any place to sit always has fresh and great pizza. The Buffalo chicken pizza is a standout, and their white slice is awesome too. Best Pizza is a great place to order delivery or takeout from, a quick trip away from anywhere in the UES. For more variety in toppings at a fair price, Best Pizza is a great place to visit.


Recommended by: Nimrod, Oz Sales Manager

Address: 1038 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Plain Slice: $2.75
Full Menu


Rosario's Pizza - Lower East Side


Rosarios Pizza Lower East Side 

(Photo via watashiwani on


It’s unfortunate that Rosario’s Pizza in the Lower East Side is partially obscured by its side-street location (on Orchard St. by Stanton St., near E. Houston and Ave A) because its classic quality is not to be understated. Sal Bartolomeo, who was a teenager when Rosario’s opened in 1963, still mans the oven and register regularly. The slices at Rosario’s have a classic flavor to them, though they may be greasier than your usual NY Pizza fare. If there’s a Yankees game on, Rosario’s will probably have it on their TV. Rosario’s is right around the corner from Katz’s Deli, so if you decide to avoid their long lines, you can take a quick walk down and try a slice from Sal.


Recommended by: TJ, Oz Content Writer

Address: 173 Orchard St., New York, NY 10002
Plain Slice: $2.75
Full Menu


Don Filippo Pizza Restaurant - Upper East Side


Don Filippo gets two parts of the quintessential NYC pizzeria experience right: great pizza, and great garlic knots. Every New Yorker knows that any Italian dining experience is improved exponentially by solid garlic knots. The variety at Don Filippo’s doesn’t end there; with awesome mini paninis with shrimp, chicken and eggplant, and a variety of other Italian fare, including soups, salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. If you want to grab a slice while entertaining your friend/family member who isn’t a pizza devotee, Don Fillipo could be the solution.


Recommended by: Nicole, Oz Residential Moving Associate

Address: 1133 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10075
Plain Slice: $2.95
Full Menu


Grandpa’s Brick Oven Pizza - Inwood


Way up in Inwood, Grandpa’s Brick Oven Pizza offers an old-school slice in a familiar environment. With plenty of seating and close to the 207th st subway stop, Grandpa’s offers plenty of convenience too. The prices at Grandpa’s are a bit steep, but the quality can justify the price. But unless you live in upper Manhattan, this place is pretty far out of the way. Though, if you’re craving a brick oven slice, it might be worth the journey.


Recommended by: Amy, Oz Commercial Moving Associate

Address: 4973 Broadway, New York, NY 10034
Plain Slice: $3.00
Full Menu


Ben’s Pizzeria - West Village


Ben's Pizzeria West Village 

(Photo via Phil Roeder via

Ben’s Pizzeria is a little bit famous, but still not a ubiquitously recognized NYC pizzeria. The West Village favorite is most well known for its appearance in the opening credits of Louis C.K.’s show “Louie”. Beyond that cinematic claim to fame, you should know Ben’s for their solid village Pizza. There’s more to pizza in the village than John’s, Joe’s and Artichoke after all. Ben’s large, crunchy slices fill up patrons slightly more than your average nyc fare, but they’re also a little more expensive too at $3.25 a slice.  Located near Washington Square Park, Ben’s is a good choice for tourists, day-trippers, or anyone planning a nice weekend day out-of-home.


Recommended by: TJ, Oz Content Writer

Address: 123 MacDougal St, New York, NY, 10012
Plain Slice: $3.25
Full Menu


Delizia 92 - Yorkville


Delizia 92 can give you the best of both worlds: an affordable, accommodating takeout/delivery experience as well as a high class evening of Italian dining. The Yorkville Italian restaurant has two separate menus signifying two options: a take out menu, with pizza, hero sandwiches and other usual take-out fare, with a few seating options in case you’d rather eat at the shop. Inside, the pizza and sandwiches are removed from the menu, and a more cultured, sit-down dining experience is embraced, with a less americanized menu and a traditional atmosphere. Open late most nights, it’s also a good option for a night-cap bite. For whichever experience is preferred, Delizia is a good choice.


Recommended by: Nancy, Oz General Manager

Address: 1762 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10128
Plain Slice: $2.30
Full Menu


Triangolo Pizzeria - Greenpoint

 Triangolo Pizzeria Greenpoint NYC

Triangolo isn’t one of the first places that comes to mind when most people think of New York Pizza, but it should be. The Greenpoint favorite gets plaudits for nearly every one of their offerings: garlic knots, sicilian pizza, grandma slices, white pizza, etc. The authenticity of the shop and its owners can’t be questioned; the walls are filled with relics from Italy, specifically Naples and Palermo, as well as a few from New York. The only downsides to Triangolo are that it’s out of the way in Greenpoint, and touch to reach via most public transportation (the closest subway is the G train) and that it’s cash-only. Every kind of pizza here is good; as Eater says, you can walk in and “ pick what looks best” on the idiosyncratic display counter. That might be the best move.

Recommended by: TJ, Oz Content Writer
Address: 1017 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Plain Slice: $2.75
Full Menu



Nick’s Pizza - Yorkville


“No slices” may be Nick’s Pizza’s policy, but don’t let it deter you: their pies are fabulous. Try the vegetarian toppings; your can’t go wrong with the mushrooms, in particular. This Yorkville restaurant has all kinds of other good offerings, including the Caesar Salad with a creamy anchovy dressing. Bring a few friends, since you probably won’t be able to scarf down the entire pie yourself. The environment is spacious and clean, and the service is friendly. Nick’s is worth the visit if you’re looking for both a great pizza and a well-rounded dining experience.


Recommended by Ron, Oz IT Specialist

Address: 1814 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10128
Plain Slice: No Slices
Full Menu


Dani’s House of Pizza – Kew Gardens

 Dani's House of Pizza Kew Gardens


It might not have a name that tourists know, but Kew Garden’s own Dani’s House of Pizza might be Queen’s most beloved pizza joint. Founded nearly 60 years ago, Dani’s is clearly a community favorite; on any given night, there’s likely to be a small crowd inside. The sauce on the plain slice is excellent. A stone’s throw away from Forest Hills and St. John’s, this place rarely catches attention of the Manhattanites, but its continuity and quality deserves a spot on this list.

Recommended by Tavis, Oz Dispatch Associate

Address: 81-28 Lefferts Blvd, Kew Gardens, NY 11415
Plain Slice: $2.50
Full Menu



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