Our 25th Anniversary

Our 25th Anniversary

1993 - In a little storefront on W 47th St in Hell’s Kitchen, Oz Moving & Storage is born. Bill Clinton is President, gas is only $1.16 a gallon, and for a mere $4.14 you can buy a movie ticket to see the biggest film of the year, Jurassic Park. Meanwhile, Oz is a little too busy to see any movies: with just one-hand painted black truck, we have a lot of work to do to get our company off the ground.

1994 - Oz moves into a bigger office on Washington Street in the West Village ( much cheaper to do in 1994). Years  before the internet became a fixture in every household, people opened a phone book when they looked for a mover. There were no review sites like Yelp or Google to tell the public  who to trust.  Oz wanted to fix that.  Every advertisement and display Oz used (including our trucks) encouraged potential customers to call the NY state DOT, the regulators of the moving industry. Our record was clean; our competition’s, not so much. Our new clients quickly learned Oz was the only company to trust. !

1995 - Oz moves again (It’s what we do!) We set up shop at 318 E 78th St, our home for the next ten years.

1998 - Oz is hired by the NHL’s New York Islanders to help them temporarily move out of Nassau Coliseum. Meanwhile, Sergey Brin and Larry Page launched a search engine that would help our customers find Oz: Google.com

2002 - Oz  starts giving back to the community, donating moving services and other assets  to charities like the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters, among  others.

2003 - Oz  celebrates 10 years in business with a slew of small store openings on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, West Village.  The now-defunct stores sold  packing materials and offered UPS shipping. Customers loved the convenience of the storefronts and they  helped make Oz a household name. A  ticket to the year’s most popular movie Finding Nemo is  only about $6, and a gallon of gas $1.50. Later, Oz moves our dispatch into 159 E 126th St, our operations home until 2009.

2006 -  Oz expands across state lines,  buying our first warehouse in Hillside, NJ! There really is no place like home.

2008 -  California love! Oz establishes our Los Angeles  branch and Oz Express Lines. Our Long Distance Department expands from this point on and Oz  are officially Bi-Coastal!

2009 - As Barack Obama is serving his first term as  President, Oz moves to 101 Lincoln Avenue in the Bronx. This is Oz’s  home for the dispatch team and all  office employees for the next six years.

2014 -  Oz buys our second warehouse; this time in Yonkers, at 498 Nepperhan Avenue.

TODAY,  we are headquartered back in Manhattan at 51 East 125th Street. If you have supported Oz in the last 25 years, thank you for your part in making Oz the success it is today. Even if you have not supported us in the last 25 years, stick around and we'll make more history together in the next 25 years!

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