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A lot of New Yorkers don’t use a broker to hunt for NYC apartments; they simply use apartment finding real estate websites and apps to find their new home. Thanks to the awesome power of the world wide web, it’s simple to find plenty of listings that fit your criteria from the comfort of your own home. There are a plethora of websites and apps out there to utilize in order to find the right apartment for you. Here’s a lot of websites where you can get started.



  • StreetEasy - Perhaps NYC’s best Apartment site, Streeteasy’s brand awareness has peaked in the last year after a series of subway ads and a data team that produces viral insights about NYC real estate. Search for apartments for sale or for rent, with or without broker fees. Sort apartments by any kind of criteria, including various amenities, neighborhoods, or by proximity to an address. Listings will contain all kinds of information about the apartment, including nearly all its amenities, its transport options, its price fluctuations, its school zoning, and more.
  • Zillow - Zillow is a nationwide site that actually owns streeteasy, but has New York City listings on its own site. Zillow is map-based, where Streeteasy operates more like a search engine.
  • Trulia - Trulia offers map-based and list-based viewing. Trulia listings tell you plenty about its apartments as well, with an abundance of additional information about the surrounding area and a commute estimator. Users can also find a mortgage professional & get pre-approved, or find a real estate agent to help them with their search. The site is useful for renters, buyers, and sellers.
  • Craigslist - Everyone should know about Craigslist. Craigslist is the 2016 version of what the classified section in a newspaper once was. There should be no shortage of available listings to sample, but there may not be a lot of information on these listings. Anyone can post to craigslist, so buyer beware.
  • Facebook - FB isn’t just for keeping up with Oz Moving - you can also find an apartment. Dedicated FB Groups such as “New York City Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets” Have a huge amount of members and plenty of listings. The best part; you can communicate with the list-er and review their background instantly, since they’re using their FB profile.
  • CityRealty- One of NYC’s most comprehensive apartment websites, City Realty features market data, apartment listings for rent and for sale, previous sale and rental data, and even guides to New York neighborhoods. For sellers, CR has another platform, “The Seller’s Collective”. Signing up for free at CityRealty.com will get you access to live chat about your apartment search with their team to help you hook up with the right people and get your search on track.
  • NakedApartments - NakedApartments has a hybrid of map and list-based search results. A variety of filters are available for your search. Search results show if the apartment has a fee, and the agent selling the apartment (if they register). For renters only.
  • Apartments.com -  Apartments.com, in addition to employing  Jeff Goldblum and Lil’ Wayne to appear in their commericals, combines map and list-based search results, and allows users to filter by “specialities” (including senior, student & military), star-ratings, and various kinds of amenities, including “interior amenities” and “community amenities”.
  • Homes.com - National website Homes.com offers listings accross the country, with not as many in New York City. Your search query can utilize many filters and you may search by posting time, number of rooms, and various other criteria on the well laid-out Homes.com interface.
  • Realtor.com - Realtor.com lists properties for sale or rent from real estate brokers. You can search through listings yourself, or find a broker to help you with your apartment search.
  • Rent.com - A great site for young professionals, Rent.com has plenty of affordable listings in NYC. Rent.com has “legit” listings which have been personally visited by their team.  Listings include a map view to place the apartment to its nearest transit, and google street view.
  • NY Times Real Estate - The NYT’s real estate section also offers plenty of apartment listings. Their search tools are fairly robust the section and isn’t overly promotional.


  • Zumper - With Instant Apply, Send applications with one-click and save paper.
  • Oliver - A new No-Fee Apartments hunting app.
  • MoveMent Apartments - App recommended by the NYT, features geotagged Video listings.
  • RadPad - Find Apartments and Pay Your Rent with RadPad, an Apple “top 10 best new app”.
  • Quo - A rental concierge service that finds apartments matching your needs & books viewings.
  • Abodo- The Abodo app has a free concierge that finds apartments within your set criteria.
  • Flip - Flip allows apartment hunters to connect with renters who no longer want their leases.




The city’s biggest brokerage firms often will have listings on their websites. Keep in mind that you’re usually getting a certain kind of apartment if you use a broker. 





  • NYBits - NYBits is a text-based apartment site with many no-fee listings mostly sorted by building.
  • UrbanEdgeNY - All of UrbanEdge’s listings come from property managers or leasing agents.
  • Urban Sherpa - UrbanSherpa works with hundreds of property managers to list apartments.
  • Lovely - Lovely is a data-driven rental site; its search is dynamic, but has less info about landlords.
  • http://rent-direct.com/ or RDNY or RentNY are a paid service where users can search through a plethora of no-fee listings
  • The Listings Project - A weekly newsletter of listings catered to the creative community.
  • LandLord Links -Landlord Links is a paid service for searching listings directly from landlords.
  • GoNoFee.com - GoNoFee specializes in Manhattan listings and provides good photos.
  • Abode - Abode’s no fee listings use picture-centric search & on-site messaging.
  • LeaseBreak.com - Leaseholders post their lease on LeaseBreak to look for someone to take it over.
  • InsideDigs - InsideDigs is a peer-to-peer website that lists apartments before their leases expire.
  • Flip [App] - Flip allows apartment hunters to connect with renters who no longer want their leases.
  • Oliver [App] - This No-Fee Apartment hunting app allows users to schedule showings.



Inquiring directly at a property manager’s website is another good way to get a no-fee apartment. This might take a little bit of extra effort (digging for the website, inquiring about availabilities) but can be quite fruitful. Here are some resources to help you find the right property manager site for your individual search;







  • Padmapper - Padmapper offers a unique UI - a clickable map is right on the homepage.
  • RentHop - RentHop sorts listings by quality score, found via their “HopScore” algorithm.
  • SpareRoom- On SpareRoom, leaseholders look for roommates to fill their spare rooms.
  • EasyRoommate.com -Lease holders can find roommates on EasyRoommate, and vice versa.
  • Sublet.com - Sublet.com is not just for Sublets. The site has full apartment & single room rentals.
  • Roomster - Roomster uses your facebook profile to help you find a room or a roommate.
  • Campus Cribz - CampusCribz has listings for NYC students near colleges (CUNY, NYU, etc.)
  • HotPads - HotPads’s map based search tool helps find ideal apartments in your preferred area.
  • Rent Jungle - RentJungle’s search interface is clunky, but it has useful tools like “Compare Rent.”
  • My New Place - MyNewPlace has plenty of listings and filters, but a lacking search interface.
  • My Apartment Map - My Apartment Map’s listings include descriptions from the listing agent.
  • Apartable - Apartable has plenty of listings with good data, but the site’s clunky search is list-only.
  • RentJungle - RJ has some useful rental data, but its map system is a little clunky in dense areas.
  • Call it Home - Clunky search, but dynamic map zoom allows users to circle in on specific areas
  • iRent - Map-based site;  allows users to filter by pet friendliness.
  • Trovit - Like Craigslist (classified ads), but only for homes, cars, and jobs.
  • RealRentals - Rental site that offers helpful search filtering on lease start dates & lease length
  • Apartment List - Rental site, users can filter search by available amenities; utilizes map & pictures
  • ShowMetheRent - Shows listings in list format - can filter by time updated to show new listings
  • forrent.com - Has useful search filters, but only lists buildings’ phone numbers to check avails.
  • RentalHouses.com - Lists buildings’ phone numbers to call and check avails.
  • Apartments Guide - Use AG to search through buildings meant for multifamily communities.
  • Rentals.com - Find single-family units for rent.
  • RentLingo - RL has fewer listings than other sites, but offers a neat “street level” analysis tool.
  • Condo.com - Condo.com has a lot of sale and rent listings and good search tools to utilize.
  • Walkscore - Walkscore algorithmically rates its listings 0-100 based on what is in their area.
  • nycdwellers.com - This site is dedicated to NYC listings but has a lacking search interface.
  • CitySpade - CitySpade is an apartment hunting startup with some exciting tools, but fewer listings.
  • HomeFinder- HomeFinder has a dynamic search tool and plenty of listings in NYC to pick from.


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