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NYC Apartment Hunting Guide
Finding a New York Apartment is not easy. This is one of the few times where you might ask yourself, “Why did I move to New York City?” The NYC apartment hunting process is about as stressful as any city's gets. Finding and securing an apartment that meets all of your needs is one of the most agonizing and difficult parts of the process. In more than two decades of service in NYC, Oz has had to change homes a handful of times, and all of our employees have dealt with the same process you’re going through now; in other words, we know how you feel. In our years of experience we’ve learned a lot about navigating the New York City real estate market, and we’ve met a lot of very knowledgeable, adept, and helpful people that have taught us even more. Oz has decided to pass that knowledge onto you, with a little help from our friends. 

In our apartment hunting guide, we’ll walk you through the most important parts of the process: starting with setting your criteria, making key decisions about how you will search for your ideal apartment, finding a suitable amount of listings to choose from, reviewing your choices, and ultimately acquiring a new apartment or lease. Get started below.

I. Getting Started

1. How to Start Your NYC Apartment Search: Oz Moving's guide to determining what criteria are most important to you in your apartment search to help you find your perfect match. 

2. Finding an NYC Real Estate Agent You Can TrustReal Estate agent Marty Morua from the Corcoran Group reveals the secrets to hiring the right broker for your apartment search.

II. Finding An Apartment

3. Best Real Estate Websites & Apartment Finder Apps: Finding the right apartment online is often a numbers game; here are all the sites where the apartments are commonly found.

4. Finding No Fee Apartments in NYC By Owner: Laurence Rosenberg of reveals the secrets to keeping the broker’s fee in YOUR pocket and finding a great no-fee apartment in NYC


III. Visiting Apartments

5. Preparing for your visit - Laurence Rosenberg of gives the low-down on the homework you should do before checking out an apartment.

6. 5 Tips to Optimize Your Apartment Viewing - Real Estate agent Maria Fallia of Bohemia Realty Group has five suggestions to help you make sure you find out important things about the apartment you're viewing.

7. New Apartment Inspection Checklist - Oz's list of things to look out for that you might not have flagged before. 

IV. Applying For & Securing Your Apartment

8. How to Apply for an Apartment - A quick guide to your apartment application that will help you make sure that nothing falls through and you get the apartment you have your eyes on. 


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