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New York City’s 300+ square miles are home to 8.468 million people. The largest city population in the U.S. is spread throughout five boroughs — Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. These five densely populated areas, in turn, comprise more than 250 unique neighborhoods. One of the more famous of these neighborhoods is Brooklyn’s Park Slope. And if you’re planning a move to, from, or within Park Slope and looking to hire some professional NYC movers for the endeavor — look no further. Because OZ Moving and Storage is your Park Slope moving company.


Your Park Slope Moving Company

Located almost right across the East River from Manhattan in northwest Brooklyn, Park Slope’s 0.7 trapezoidal square miles were originally home to the Native American Lenape tribe. The Europeans took it over in the 17th century, and the area remained mostly farm- and woodlands until the early 19th century. With time, the area was gradually developed, rezoned, and divided into rectangular sections. Then, with the opening of Prospect Park in the late 1860s, countless residential mansions and rowhouses started to go up. The neighborhood’s name is actually a reference to its location on the western slope of the park. Due to the Great Depression, the area faced a brief period of decline in the mid-20th century. But in the 1960s, gentrification hit, bringing with it a commercial and real estate boom.

The neighborhood continues to prosper to this day, with some 115,000 New Yorkers calling it home. It’s also home to some of the city’s top-rated restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as a very vibrant cultural life. And with its close proximity to nearby Manhattan — but without the concrete jungle’s non-stop (and sometimes overwhelming) hustle and bustle — Park Slope is generally considered one of NYC’s most prestigious and desirable neighborhoods to move to. 

And in the last three decades, OZ Moving has helped many a New Yorker call Park Slope home. Since starting out across the river in upper Manhattan in 1993 with just a single truck and a handful of employees, OZ has grown to become one of NYC’s most reputable and reliable moving and storage companies. Today, we operate daily throughout all five boroughs and beyond (i.e., Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Los Angeles), and we facilitate thousands upon thousands of successful, stress-free moves. But even though we now help people successfully move both around the city and from coast to coast, NYC remains home. So, being NYC’s second largest and most populous borough, Brooklyn is very much familiar territory for our expert teams. And Brooklyn’s Park Slope is no exception.

Moving To And From All Locations In Park Slope.

Park Slope’s streets and blocks are lined with trees and mostly historic brownstone buildings. Going clockwise from the East River, Park Slope is bounded by Fourth Avenue in the west, Flatbush Avenue in the north, Prospect Park and Prospect Park West in the east, and Prospect Expressway in the south. Although relatively small, the Slope is also generally divided into three sections: "North Slope," aka the "named streets" from Flatbush Avenue to Garfield Place; "Center Slope,” from 1st to 9th Streets; and “South Slope” — everything south of 10th Street. It has two ZIP codes — 11215 and 11217.

Similar to Manhattan (minus the skyscrapers), the avenues in Park Slope are largely commercial areas, while the streets running east to west are usually home to residential brownstones and apartment buildings. Fortunately, Park Slope’s simple gridded layout and relatively low-rise homes make it fairly easy for movers to maneuver — Brooklyn traffic pending, that is. But grid or no grid, moving anywhere in NYC is no easy task. So whether it’s North, Center, or South Slope you’re in (or thinking about being in) — OZ knows the lay of the land. Moreover, with an office in nearby Brooklyn Heights, we can be at your Park Slope doorstep in almost no time. Brooklyn Traffic pending, that is.  


All the major zip codes, avenues, and streets in Park Slope

We know Park Slope like the back of our hand! If you need to move in any of these neighborhoods, Oz Moving is more than equipped to help. Call 212-452-6683 to ask about our services in these neighborhoods.

  • 11217
  • 11215
  • 718
  • 347
  • 929
  • 917
  • 5th Avenue
  • 7th Avenue

Park Slope moving tips

If you’re moving within or out of Park Slope, you probably already know a bit of the lay of the land too. Either way, near or far — OZ can help you get to whatever greener pastures you plan to call home next. But if you’re new in town, we’ve got a few tips that should help you get settled in.

Neighborhood points of interest

-First, there’s the park that gives Park Slope its name. Prospect Park’s 526 acres make it Brooklyn’s second largest park (after Marine Park) and offer much more than just plenty of green.

-The Prospect Park Zoo, for example, invites you and yours to “discover your wild side.”

-And housed in the park’s historic boathouse, the Prospect Park Audubon Center is surrounded by acres of carefully restored natural habitat and trails for you to explore.

-And NYC’s second largest museum — aka The Brooklyn Museum — invites you to discover the centuries-old international artistic heritage of humans. It also hosts various concerts and cultural events on the weekends.

Pro tip: the museum is free on Thursdays.

-Discover some of NYC’s finest shops, boutiques, bars, cafes, and eateries while strolling down 5th Avenue — the Park Slope version, that is. And check out the similar but somewhat quieter 7th Avenue too.

-Marvel at the countless, ever-changing public murals and street art adorning Park Slope’s walls.

-Stop by local staple Union Hall for a live show.

-Dine and wine while catching a flick at the historic Nighthawk Cinema.

-And just wander around and discover for yourself what makes Park Slope a top destination for New Yorkers and people the world over alike.


Interesting facts

-The first (and biggest) battle of the American Revolutionary War partially took place in Park Slope.

-Nearly 2,000 houses built between 1862 and 1920 officially make Park Slope a National Historic District

-The Park Slope plane crash of 1960 was the world's deadliest aviation disaster at the time.

-The historical Park Slope Armory (now a YMCA) is believed to be haunted.

-Park Slope is home to a superhero supply store.

-Former NYC Mayor De Blasio and former U.S. President Obama both once called Park Slope home.

How to Find an apartment to rent

Given its prestige, size, and location, finding a place to rent in Park Slope can be both tricky and costly. And as demand grows, so do the prices. For example, according to, as of December 10, 2022, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Park Slope was $3,195 — 27% more than the previous year. And the average cost of housing here is more than 300% higher than in the rest of the country. Common online New Yorker go-tos to find an apartment include streeteasy, renthop, padmapper, and zumper, with social media housing groups also becoming increasingly popular. But like in most major cities, many New Yorkers these days rely on word-of-mouth to find their crash pad — so it helps to know a local. Fortunately, OZ is a local — so we can help too.

Cost of Living in Park Slope

With a 40% lower crime rate than the nation's average, Park Slope is often ranked as the safest neighborhood in Brooklyn. However, the cost of living here is steep. The New York average is around $8,000 for a family of four and upwards of $5,000 for a single person. Meanwhile, the cost of living in Park Slope is 82% higher than the NY average and 117% higher than the national average. In short, to live here comfortably, you’ll need around $7,000/month at least (and that’s solo).

25 years of experience moving in Park Slope

To the best of our knowledge, the mayor and the president had their own movers. Nevertheless, OZ has been helping countless Park Slope residents — current and former, superhero and other — make their moves as stress-free as possible for nearly three decades and counting.

Office Located in Brooklyn

  • Phone number

    (718) 766-5275

  • Address

    155 Water St Brooklyn,
    NY 11201

  • Hour

    Mon – Fri: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
    Sat & Sun: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

So reach out for a free quote, give us a call at 212-452-6683 (Manhattan) or 718-766-5275 (Brooklyn), or just stop by. Our offices are conveniently located in Brooklyn Heights — just a 15-minute drive from the North Slope, traffic pending, and a relative stone’s throw away in neighboring upper Manhattan. We’ll help make your Park Slope move a realistic prospect, and as close to a walk in the park as possible.

No Surprises Later

These services can be bundled in your Guaranteed Price move. Simply request the services you need and we’ll quote you a flat rate—no surprises later.

  • Flat-screen TVs – Packed in oversized TV box with protection
  • Computers – Packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Electronics – Packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Wardrobe Clothes – Hung in wardrobe box
  • Mirrors – Packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Lamps – Disassembled, wrapped and packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Paintings – Packed in cardboard box or wooden picture crate with protection*
  • Sculptures – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box or wooden crate with protection*
  • Pianos – Piano boards are included
  • Sofas & Chairs – Wrapped in moving blankets
  • Tables – Disassembled and wrapped in blankets (glass and marble tops in wooden crate with protection)*
  • Armoires – Wrapped in blankets. Disassembly is available upon request*
  • Mattresses – Wrapped in plastic and protected with blankets
  • Floors – Covers are included up to 50 feet. We lift all items or use dollies when needed to keep your floors free of scuffs
  • Corners – We put protection on all corner walls to avoid unwanted scrapes*
  • Hallways – Narrow hallways get protection from damage that can be caused by larger items*
  • Doorways – Our team is skilled at clearing doors and tricky passageways

Oz Moving & Storage factors all labor expenses and fuel costs when providing your Guaranteed Price. We also provide a certificate of liability insurance with every move.

  • Clean, new moving trucks – the majority of our fleet is less than 5 years old
  • In-house carpenters – we can handle repairs and restoration on the fly
  • Highly-trained movers – all team members complete our in-house moving academy

* Some services must be requested in advance but are included in Guaranteed Price quote prior to move

Our Best Park Slope Moving Services

Oz is constantly evolving and expanding the array of services we offer to best meet customer needs. Many of our employees are specialists, providing expertise in areas such as storage services, antique restoration, assembly and disassembly, packing services, packing supplies, unpacking, custom crating, white glove moving, piano moving, last minute moves, office moving and more.


storage solutions

We know there are many reasons to move items into storage. That's why we offer short- and long-term options at our three locations in NYC, NJ and CA--all with the peace of mind that comes with our full-service storage and competitive pricing.


commercial moving

Whether our team is moving a start-up out of a co-working space or a corporate headquarters with a hundred desks, we pay the same attention to detail, organization, and hard work that made us New York’s favorite residential moving company.


local movers

No residential move is too big or small for our experienced moving team at Oz Moving & Storage. We treat every moving job with the utmost care with quality packaging material, skilled residential movers, and premier customer service.


long distance moving

Given our long history of helping people move in New York, it should come as no surprise that Oz Moving & Storage are also the best long distance movers in NYC. We remove the hassle from your moving experience to provide peace of mind at competitive rates.


last minute moves

Oz Moving & Storage happily provides same day moving services for clients in tough last minute situations. If there is nothing physically preventing Oz from performing the move, we will be able to offer the customer our services, even on short notice.


packing service

Whether you need a full packing service where you never lift a finger, or you need help only with your largest and most fragile belongings, we can provide a packing package to suit your needs and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your move.

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