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Covering 71 square miles, Brooklyn is the second largest of NYC’s five boroughs. But while neighboring Queens is the first, with a population of 2.6 million (i.e., roughly 300,000 more people than Queens’ 109 square miles), Brooklyn is the most populous. In fact, nearly one in three New Yorkers calls Brooklyn home today. And since the last decade, Brooklyn has also seen the biggest population growth of any borough. So it seems that more and more people want to call Brooklyn home these days too.

The world-famous neighborhood of Dumbo covers less than 1% of the borough’s total landmass, with around 65,000 New Yorkers calling Dumbo home. And whether you already are, or whether you plan to be one of these New Yorkers — locals OZ Moving and Storage is your Dumbo moving company.


Dumbo, Brooklyn Moving Company

Sharing nothing in common with Disney’s cartoon flying elephant other than its name (and maybe, depending on your age, its level of fame), ‘Dumbo’ — originally written ‘DUMBO’ — stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” It’s situated on Brooklyn’s northwest shore, directly across the East River from downtown Manhattan. And it’s often considered one of NYC’s greatest success stories.

A humble ferry landing station back in the day, the formerly industrial area was characterized by aging warehouses and post-industrial desolation for decades. However, in the late 1970s, real estate developer and now billionaire David Walentas bought some land there — and everything changed. Since then, Dumbo would slowly but surely grow to become one of NYC’s most flourishing and upscale neighborhoods — being first a haven for artists, then home to a booming commercial and residential community, and, in recent years, a mini tech-startup metropolis too. Mr. Walentas told the NY Times in 2010, “We bought two million square feet 30 years ago for $12 million, about $6 a foot, which today seems incredibly cheap. But for 20 years everybody thought I was the dumb in Dumbo; now they think I’m a genius.”

Meanwhile, OZ Moving is an NYC success story in its own right. Having started with a small team and a single hand-painted truck in the early 1990s, we have since grown to become one of NYC’s most reliable and trusted moving companies, performing thousands of moves yearly — both throughout the city and out of state. And — fun fact — we also happen to call Dumbo home (more on that below). So not only are we expert Brooklyn movers, but if you’re planning a professional, stress-free move specifically in Dumbo — we were made for the job. 


Moving To And From All Locations In Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Dumbo’s 0.05 square miles start under the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Parkway. They stretch west under and past the Manhattan Bridge (and OZ’s Brooklyn office) and end at Bridge Street and Vinegar Hill in the east. The neighborhood is bordered by Brooklyn Bridge Park in the north and York Street (and Brooklyn Heights) in the south. Dumbo’s ZIP Code is 11201, and its four area codes are 718, 347, 929, and 917. And while OZ’s Brooklyn ZIP code is also 11201, we only have one area code there — 718. Nevertheless, we also proudly call Dumbo home. So whether we’re going to be neighbors or you’re moving on to greener pastures, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

All the major zip codes, avenues, and streets in UWS

  • 11201
  • 718
  • 347
  • 929
  • 917
  • Bridge Street
  • Vinegar Hill
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Brooklyn Bridge Parkway
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • York Street

Dumbo moving tips

Chances are you already have some notion of Dumbo from one of the most photographed and iconic locations in the world — aka the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street. But if you’ve yet to familiarize yourself with the rest of Dumbo, here are a few things to help make your move smoother.

Neighborhood points of interest

-Get some amazing photos of NYC (as well as some exercise) by strolling over not one but two historical NYC icons — Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge.

-While under the Manhattan Bridge, check out one of NYC’s coolest outdoor public spaces — aka The Dumbo Archway — which hosts countless cultural and multimedia events day and night. 

-Enjoy the green, open air, and stunning views of Brooklyn Bridge Park. And while there, maybe take a $2 ride on the iconic, century-old Jane’s Carousel.

-Grab a slice (or three) at the world-famous Grimaldi’s Pizza. While endlessly arguing about what qualifies as the best pizza endlessly is an undeniable New Yorker trait, this old-school Brooklyn native remains one of the most popular good pizza destinations for tourists and locals alike.

-Visit the now world-renowned Time Out Market. It describes itself as a “bi-level waterfront hangout showcasing a curated lineup of local food & drink plus cultural events,” and its popularity with both locals and newcomers continues to grow.

-Check out some of NYC’s most famous street art — including work by such greats as Shepherd Fairey, Momo, and CAM — at Dumbo Walls

-On the weekends, shop around for some local handcrafts, jewelry, art, vintage clothing, and all sorts of hidden gems at Brooklyn’s largest flea market — known simply as Brooklyn Flea.

-And just wander around, take in some views, and discover. The neighborhood’s cobblestone streets and converted warehouses are home to countless independent shops, boutiques, trendy cafes, first-class eateries, bars, art galleries, and more. All of the above is where the neighborhood gets its unsurpassed reputation as one of NYC’s most vibrant creative, cultural, and commercial hubs. 

Interesting facts

-Dumbo has NYC's highest concentration of tech firms by neighborhood. A mere 10-block radius is home to over 500 companies, or 25% of all NYC-based tech firms.

-Since 1686 and for centuries, Dumbo was wholly a salt marsh. Its water line reached what is Water Street today.

-The first and largest battle of the American Revolutionary War — aka The Battle of Brooklyn — took place in Dumbo on August 27th, 1776.

-Founded in 1937, Gleason's Gym (on Water Street) is the oldest active boxing gym in the country. Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson have both trained there.

-Dumbo was previously known as "Gairville,” named after Scottish-American paper bag manufacturer Robert Gair. In the 1870s, while making his paper bags, Robert accidentally cut a paper box instead of creasing it. And, thus, Dumbo became the birthplace of the very first cardboard box.


How to Find an apartment to rent

Renting space in Dumbo’s 0.05 square miles today, however, is not as easy as it was in the 1970s. Because given the neighborhood's small size, close proximity to Manhattan, and overall prestige — the real estate demand is high. Fortunately, though, you already know a local. As in, OZ can help.

Cost of Living in Dumbo

Dumbo has been referred to as "the center of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle" thanks to its large concentration of tech startups. Once an immigrant working-class area, today most of Dumbo’s industrial buildings have been converted into upscale offices and luxury residential lofts. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $4,000, while a three-bedroom goes for upwards of $7,000/month. All this helps make it Brooklyn's most expensive neighborhood. 

Dumbo is thereby also home to NYC's fourth-richest community. Most locals are in their mid-thirties, nearly 98% of the population are white-collar workers, 70% are employed in private companies, and roughly 11% are entrepreneurs. The average annual household income is around $200,000. And the average cost of living reflects the above numbers. In other words, it’s steep even by NYC standards.

25 years of experience moving in Dumbo Brooklyn

And Oz, for one, knows cardboard boxes well (thanks, Robert!) — even if we’re not old enough to recall the first prototypes. We also know tech startups, old historic brownstones, and industrial warehouses turned spacious lofts. And we know how to maneuver them, their stairs and/or elevators, and their surrounding cobblestone streets. In short, with three decades of moving in, to, from, and around Dumbo — and with headquarters in the heart of the neighborhood — this is very much familiar territory for us.

Office Located in Brooklyn

  • Phone number

    (718) 766-5275

  • Address

    155 Water St Brooklyn,
    NY 11201

  • Hour

    Mon – Fri: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
    Sat & Sun: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

So if you’ve got your sights set on Dumbo for your next move, reach out for a free moving quote. Or if you happen to be in town, stop by our Dumbo office at 155 Water Street. You can’t miss it — it’s right under the Manhattan Bridge overpass.

No Surprises Later

These services can be bundled in your Guaranteed Price move. Simply request the services you need and we’ll quote you a flat rate—no surprises later.

  • Flat-screen TVs – Packed in oversized TV box with protection
  • Computers – Packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Electronics – Packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Wardrobe Clothes – Hung in wardrobe box
  • Mirrors – Packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Lamps – Disassembled, wrapped and packed in cardboard box with protection
  • Paintings – Packed in cardboard box or wooden picture crate with protection*
  • Sculptures – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box or wooden crate with protection*
  • Pianos – Piano boards are included
  • Sofas & Chairs – Wrapped in moving blankets
  • Tables – Disassembled and wrapped in blankets (glass and marble tops in wooden crate with protection)*
  • Armoires – Wrapped in blankets. Disassembly is available upon request*
  • Mattresses – Wrapped in plastic and protected with blankets
  • Floors – Covers are included up to 50 feet. We lift all items or use dollies when needed to keep your floors free of scuffs
  • Corners – We put protection on all corner walls to avoid unwanted scrapes*
  • Hallways – Narrow hallways get protection from damage that can be caused by larger items*
  • Doorways – Our team is skilled at clearing doors and tricky passageways

Oz Moving & Storage factors all labor expenses and fuel costs when providing your Guaranteed Price. We also provide a certificate of liability insurance with every move.

  • Clean, new moving trucks – the majority of our fleet is less than 5 years old
  • In-house carpenters – we can handle repairs and restoration on the fly
  • Highly-trained movers – all team members complete our in-house moving academy

* Some services must be requested in advance but are included in Guaranteed Price quote prior to move

Our Dumbo Moving Services

Oz is constantly evolving and expanding the array of services we offer to best meet customer needs. Many of our employees are specialists, providing expertise in areas such as storage services, antique restoration, assembly and disassembly, packing services, packing supplies, unpacking, custom crating, white glove moving, piano moving, last minute moves, office moving and more.


storage solutions

We know there are many reasons to move items into storage. That's why we offer short- and long-term options at our three locations in NYC, NJ and CA--all with the peace of mind that comes with our full-service storage and competitive pricing.


commercial moving

Whether our team is moving a start-up out of a co-working space or a corporate headquarters with a hundred desks, we pay the same attention to detail, organization, and hard work that made us New York’s favorite residential moving company.


local movers

No residential move is too big or small for our experienced moving team at Oz Moving & Storage. We treat every moving job with the utmost care with quality packaging material, skilled residential movers, and premier customer service.


long distance moving

Given our long history of helping people move in New York, it should come as no surprise that Oz Moving & Storage are also the best long distance movers in NYC. We remove the hassle from your moving experience to provide peace of mind at competitive rates.


last minute moves

Oz Moving & Storage happily provides same day moving services for clients in tough last minute situations. If there is nothing physically preventing Oz from performing the move, we will be able to offer the customer our services, even on short notice.


packing service

Whether you need a full packing service where you never lift a finger, or you need help only with your largest and most fragile belongings, we can provide a packing package to suit your needs and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your move.

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