Moving Prices and Moving Cost Estimate Considerations

Moving Prices and Moving Cost Estimate Considerations

Moving Cost Estimate

Your quote from Oz Moving is determined by a very scientific process. Our database helps us estimate the effects of all the factors that go into your move. Four main factors are considered in this moving pricing process - inventory, distance, accessorial services, and when you move. Keeping these factors in mind, Oz Moving & Storage determine your quote with a few criteria examined, including:


  • Where you’re moving to and from

  • What you’re moving (and what we'll need to move it)

  • What you need us to do (packing, assembly, etc.)

  • When you need to move (your flexibility, how fast you need to move)


Two Kinds Of Moving Price Quotes

A quote will be provided in one of two ways: either as an “Hourly Rate” quote or a “Written Binding Estimate.”


Hourly Rate

Most local moving quotes are based on an Hourly Rate estimate, where the price of the move will be based on the amount of time the job takes. The rate per hour will be determined by the number of movers and trucks required. Based on the scale of the move, Oz assigns the optimal number of movers to each job in order to minimize costs for our customers and maximize the efficiency of our crew.


Written Binding Estimate

Other quotes will offer a “Written Binding Estimate”, also known as a “fixed” or “guaranteed” price. The estimate is based on an inventory agreed upon by the client and the company; however, the price can be updated to reflect additional items added. For customers who select written binding estimate prices, their price will not increase or decrease unless the details of the move have been misrepresented in the quote process, or if the customer requests additional services.


The main factors of your quote


To get an accurate moving quote from Oz, you will need to present an accurate assessment of what you will need to have moved. This includes the number and size of boxes you may have, as well as the appliances and furniture your inventory may include. Based on the items you have in your inventory, we will be able to estimate what we will need to provide in order to make your move as efficient and smooth as possible.


Distance and travel time required will be considered when determining your moving quote.  Travel time is the time needed for the movers to travel to and from your jobsite prior to and upon completion of your move. 

Accessorial Services

Oz Moving offers many additional Accessorial Services that are not considered in the initial cost of the move - including packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly & reassembly, moving supplies, custom wooden crating, antique restoration, and more. Ask your Oz representative about the services your move may require.


Other Factors that May Affect Your Quote

Some other considerations that go into carrying out your move may or may not affect your pricing quote. Make sure to alert your sales representative if any of the factors below may apply to your move.

  • No elevators can be accessed for the move (for the move-out or move-in building)

  • Items involved in your inventory require special care (such as antiques or artwork)

  • Items in your inventory cannot be moved without disassembly

  • Items that will not fit in an elevator.

  • Items made of glass, stone or marble.

  • No direct access to the residence, i.e. Long carry

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