Moving Tips & Tricks

A residential or commercial move can be a stress-inducing experience. A little planning can help make your big move easier. Make sure to have all items carefully packed into moving boxes and labeled with the specific room those items will be going. Keep track of valuable items that you may wish to have additional insurance for, as well as anything you will need immediately upon arriving at your destination. Most importantly, have your move planned and completed by a reputable moving company! Contact one of Oz’s Moving Consultants for information and project estimates. With our movers in NYC, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, we can help with local or long distance moves. Trust us to do the heavy lifting for you! 

For more moving tips, read the Oz Moving Blog where you can find out how to move with dogs, tips for moving with kids, how to tip your movers and the best way to prepare your antiques.

Moving Tips & Tricks
Residential Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving across town or across country, relocating from one home to the next needs preparation and organization. The first step of a successful residential move is itemizing: make a master list of all items being transported. 

Next, when starting the actual packing process, be sure to use professional packing materials that protect your belongings. This is especially important for those opting to move themselves, as milk crates and shopping bags may seem convenient and economical, but they won’t adequately protect your valuables! 

Also, label all moving boxes according to the specific room/location they will be placed in your new residence. Clear labeling will help the moving team with loading and unloading boxes at the destination, and save time in finding everything to unpack. 

When choosing a professional moving service, do your homework! Make certain the moving company is licensed and trustworthy! Part of finding a quality moving company entails checking references, referrals, or word of mouth recommendations. 

Oz Moving & Storage completes over 15,000 moves each year, and has been serving the New York community since 1993. Our track record speaks for itself, and we welcome the opportunity to assist with your residential move. From proving packing supplies to professional moving crews, Oz is the choice for quality customer service and worry-free residential moving in NYC. Oz Moving is here to help!

Moving Tips & Tricks
The Importance of Insurance

Moving insurance is a lot like car insurance - it’s never appreciated until needed. That’s why working with a licensed moving company is mandatory. Your possessions are valuable, no matter the cost of replacement. Moving insurance provides peace of mind so that your transition to new confines is easy and worry free. Oz offers customers a variety of insurance options. Whether you have a Baby Grand or a baby buggy to move, Oz can help you find an insurance plan to meet your specific requirements.

Oz Moving & Storage maintains over $5,000,000 worth of General Liability insurance, as well as required Disability and Worker's Compensation insurance coverage. 

Moving Tips & Tricks
Commercial Moving Tips

In planning a commercial move, Oz Moving & Storage strongly recommends arranging the exclusive use of your building’s elevator to facilitate the success of the actual moving project. Some commercial locations may legally require this prearrangement, so please check ahead! 

In addition to having an organizational floor plan (clearly indicting which items go where) for the moving team, it is important to have all pre-move packing completed by the day of the project, and all items “to be packed” by the movers labeled and ready to go. 

Office furniture such as book shelves, credenzas, desks, lateral file cabinets, and wall units should be emptied pre-move, with all contents packed and labeled accordingly. Vertical file cabinets can remain with their respective contents upon client’s request and notification. 

All electronic equipment (computers, copiers, fax machines, etc.) should have corresponding cords, plugs, and power strips labeled and attached. For packed boxes, color-coded tags are strongly recommended, and should be placed on box sides (NOT box tops!). 

Any unusual items to be moved (oversized pieces, valuable artwork, etc.) should be discussed with your Moving Consultant beforehand so that reasonable accommodations can be made. 

A little pre-planning will go a long way toward making your commercial move a quick and efficient process. Feel free to contact Oz Moving & Storage for planning assistance. After two decades as New Yorkers’ chosen moving company, let Oz provide you with the best commercial moving tips and answers to your questions. 

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