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New Yorkers can now hire Oz to move a small load of items for a small price. Our new mini moving service is perfect for customers who only need to move a single item or a few items, but want the high quality of service and attention to detail that our experienced movers provide. Oz is able to offer this micro moving service at a low fixed rate to any customers looking to move a small amount of items within the same borough or to Oz’s storage facilities in Westchester and New Jersey.

Why Mini Moves?

Sometimes life puts you in a tough situation and you need just a tiny bit of assistance. So many of Oz Moving’s customers have been there, and Oz introduced mini moves to meet these unique needs whenever they arise.

Who can use Oz’s small load moving service? A pair of roommates could hire Oz’s single item movers to pick up a large piece of furniture that moving themselves would be difficult, like a sofa or a mattress. A college undergraduate living in student housing could use Oz’s mini movers as a dorm moving service to transport their belongings to storage without having to do any heavy lifting. Oz’s tiny move crews can even help with those tough items that won’t fit in a pick-up truck or an apartment building elevator. Wherever a mover’s helping hand is needed, no job is too small for Oz’s mini movers.

Small Storage

Need to put just a couple items out of sight for a little while? Oz’s mini movers can help with that too. For the person who needs just a little bit of space, Oz can deliver their excess items to storage just like a normal mini move. Our small storage settlers will also be able to take advantage of a free month in our facility, with reduced rates on the rest of their stay. Contact Oz Moving & Storage associate for more details on our small storage options.

How Can I Book a Mini Move?

Contact an Oz moving specialist by calling 212-452-6683 to book your mini move today. Have any questions about mini moves? Our team will be able to answer them and explain the full process of your mini move.


Call 212-452-6683 to inquire about mini moving services in New York!

Please note: currently, these services are only available in NYC. Contact your local Oz Moving office to voice your demand for mini moving in your service area.