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Military Moving Discounts

There is no greater honor than serving one’s country. Oz Moving & Storage is a military and veteran family friendly moving company, and has tremendous respect for those who drop everything to serve their country and their fellow citizens. As a show of our appreciation, Oz is proud to offer moving discounts for the military, including active members of the Armed Forces, as well as veteran discounts to retired and non-active members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Reserves. 

A Military Friendly Moving Company

Oz Moving is proud to offer our esteemed military, along with veterans and non-active members of the US Armed Forces,  a 10% discount on all moving & storage services for local moves, and a 5% discount on all services for long distance moves.

If you’re planning a move within the New York or New Jersey area, within California, or making a cross-country trip, visit our quote form to get an estimate. Then let our friendly team of moving coordinators know that you are either a past or present member of the military during the initial call to discuss your move:


Please note: Oz’s military moving discounts are available to active military service members and their spouses, as well as National Guard and reserve, retiree and disabled service members and their spouses.  We do ask that you provide a copy of one of the following IDs:  Common Access Card (CAC); Veteran’s Identification Card; Uniformed Services ID Card (Tan, Red or Blue). Discount on local moving services is 10% and discount on long distance moving services is 5%.

Additional Services for Veterans

You will also be able to apply your military discount to other moving services we offer!

For over two decades, Oz Moving has proudly served New York, New Jersey, and California with full-service moves for commercial and residential moving clients, with conveniently located storage facilities. Our team of experts offers an array of moving related services for military and veteran families ranging from local to long distance moves, organizing your move, packing your belongings,  and unpacking them if you need a little extra help getting settled in your new place. Acquired a rare item while on-duty and want to ensure its safe transit? The Oz Moving team will show veterans’ and their family’s belongings the respect they deserve when it’s time to make their move.

Along with the 10% off discount, Oz also offers free moving boxes for military members and veterans.

Moving Tips for the Military

Frequent moving becomes a part of life for military members and their families once they enlist. Getting used to moving a lot can be tough for newer members of the military, but experienced veterans know all about how to make the best of the constant changes of station. What these veterans told us should prove very useful to first-time service members moving

  • Downsize: Air Force retiree Carole Gee says downsizing helps maintain organization during moving.
  • PCS vs PPM: Choose between PCS and a PPM (DIY) move based on the important factors. (click below for more)
  • Use military moving online hub to organize your moving process.

For a full breakdown of the differences between PCS and PPM military moves and to read all our tips on moving while in the military, check out our guide:

Moving Tips for the Military


Call 212-452-6683 for military moves originating in NYC and the Greater New York area

Call 973-273-7535 for military moves originating in New Jersey  

Call 323-796-0133 for military moves originating in Los Angeles and the Greater Southern California area