For many, Paris is not just another city; it's a full lifestyle upgrade and a new adventure. However, international moves can be complex and often more challenging than expected. Planning and preparation are the secrets to success when navigating global relocations and successful assimilation into a new country. This article draws on our personal experience and years of successful moves to Europe and outlines the essential information required.

Our International Moving Services

Oz Moving & Storage offers comprehensive international moving services, including shipping, planning, pick-up, customs clearance, packaging, and insurance. Sea and air shipping options are available in conjunction with reliable international partners for safe long-distance transportation of possessions. However, the most essential part of the entire moving process is planning. 

We have years of experience relocating clients to Paris, France, and throughout Europe; this allows us to offer efficient and personalized moving plans. So our clients are fully aware of all the steps of the international moving process and know exactly what to expect and what they must do at every stage.

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Why People Are Moving to Paris?

Over the years, we have witnessed a growing trend of Americans, particularly New Yorkers, seeking to make Paris their new home. But what is driving this migration across the Atlantic to France? 

Paris is more than just the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, cafes, and croissants. According to King Francis I (1515-1547), "Paris is not a city; it's a world". Paris may have changed a lot since his time, but it still lies in the heart of Europe with easy access to countries like Spain, Germany, the UK, and Switzerland. 

US citizens are among the largest groups of people immigrating to France. One of the primary reasons is the unique Parisian lifestyle and cultural experiences that a European city like Paris can offer. France also has a robust healthcare system, and Paris offers high-quality education, which is a priority for American families.

Moving to France: What You Need to Know

For Americans, specifically NYC citizens, looking to move to France, there are a few specific requirements that will depend on individual circumstances and the type of French visa you apply for: 


A France visa is required for US citizens; there are several different visas, including short-stay or Schengen Visas for stays under 90 days and Long Stay Visas for stays exceeding 90 days. The most common Long Stay Visa categories Americans use include the Student Visa, Work Visa, and the French Talent Visa for skilled professionals. 

The French Residency Permit requires the following documentation: a completed application form, valid passport, proof of the reason for immigration such as a job offer, proof of available funds/income to support yourself, evidence of accommodation, and proof of valid health insurance. In addition, proficiency in the French language to a basic level will be required, as will a French bank account.

Living costs

Although some items, such as transportation and utilities, are more expensive in Paris, on average, the total living costs will be around 40% cheaper in Paris compared to NYC. So, to maintain the same standard of living that would cost $100,000 in NYC, it would cost $60,000 in Paris. The most significant savings for the cost of living in Paris are apartment rentals, which are around 60% cheaper, and real estate, which is typically 25% less expensive.


Paris Moving Tips

If you are considering moving from the bustling streets of New York City to the laid-back ambiance of Paris, Oz Moving and Storage would be happy to help you understand the intricacies involved in such a long-distance international move. Here are some essential tips to help NYC residents moving to France:

  • Understand the visa options available for Americans moving to Paris and ensure you start the visa application process well in advance.

  • Paris consists of 20 boroughs called Arrondissements, so it's worth taking the time to learn more about each one to decide which one will suit you best.

  • If taking the family dog (or cat), they need to be microchipped with proof of rabies vaccination and good health. Pets traveling from the USA to France do not need to be quarantined if all documentation is provided.

  • Declutter your belongings before packing to reduce moving costs.

  • Notify your bank, other financial institutions, government agencies, and subscription services of your address change.

  • Check your existing insurance policies to determine if adjustments are needed to move to Paris and ensure you have health insurance coverage for France.

  • Consult a tax professional to understand tax obligations in France and the USA.

  • If you still need to become a French speaker, begin learning basic French phrases as soon as possible to help you adapt to the local culture and embrace the French way of life as an expat.

Why Choose Oz for Your Move to Paris

At Oz Moving & Storage, we understand the difficulties of relocating abroad and have the expertise to cater specifically to those seeking international relocation to Paris. Regarding long-distance moves across borders, we have a proven track record and offer custom solutions to your unique requirements for a smooth and efficient move to France. 

We believe in transparency throughout the moving process, including pricing. Oz Moving & Storage has no hidden fees or surprises in the small print—just a straightforward price for your move to Paris. 

As an international moving company, our logistics management will plan and meticulously execute every stage for your peace of mind. We offer expert packing and secure storage services to handle all the hard work, allowing you to focus on settling into your new Paris home. For more information, get a free quote.

Services Offered

 Our specific international moving services include full-service packing, storage options, insurance, and land, sea, or air shipping options.

Full-service packing

Careful packing is always important, but it is crucial for international moves. Our expert team provides a full packing service using specialized packaging solutions to keep all your items safe on their long journey.

Pick-up and transport

We handle all aspects of transportation, whether by land, sea, or air. We use our fleet of vehicles and reliable shipping partners to ensure the timely delivery of your belongings.


Oz Moving & Storage offers comprehensive shipping services for international moves, with detailed planning and logistics to ensure your belongings reach their destination safely and on the agreed timescale.

Customs Clearance

Navigating customs clearance can be complicated, but Oz Moving & Storage has expertise in this area, so we can help with all aspects of customs clearance and international regulations.


Comprehensive insurance coverage is recommended for peace of mind when planning an international move. We provide insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London to protect your belongings throughout the move.

Storage Solutions

In addition to the moving services, we offer temporary or long-term storage solutions for clients during the transition period as part of the international moving package.

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