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your goods safety is our priority

The truck fleet we operate is one of the cleanest, safest, and most reliable in the moving industry.

All of our trucks are inspected daily, and we maintain them frequently to ensure that no issues arise during a move.

In addition, we make sure that our movers pack your goods securely in each truck to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.


different trucks for your needs

When it comes to moving trucks, size does matter. We can provide an appropriately sized truck to match all your moving requirements. Our trucks range from 14 feet to 26 feet long which means that we can securely help you move anything from a single fragile sculpture to a 3 bedroom entire home. Be sure to request a quote so that we can properly assess the right-sized truck for your move.

more than 50 trucks available to you

With our ever-expanding fleet, we have the resources to move your belongings all over the map.

We have more than 50 high-performance trucks available to help you with your next move. And, thanks to our larger truck fleet, we have greater availability than our competition, making it easier for you to schedule a move with us, even it's a last-minute move.

Moreover, we have truck depots throughout the Tri-State Area, Florida and California so that we can dispatch locally.


details about our truck fleet:

  • Fleet of 50 vehicles in a range of sizes
  • Local moving trucks range from 14 to 26 feet
  • Trucks are inspected and fully sanitized daily
  • Regularly inspected by a K9 bed bug inspector for our client’s peace of mind
  • We have two mechanics on staff and our own inhouse repair shop to keep our fleet in perfect condition
  • GPS, Electronic logs and dual facing cameras on every truck
  • All late model trucks equipped with DPF filters to reduce emissions

equipped with high-tech features

The high tech GPS system fitted in all of our moving trucks ensures that our drivers are always on time and know where they are going. Our GPS system can help our trucks navigate roads efficiently to help reduce emissions and get your belongings to your new home on time.


driver safety is a priority

Our trucks are equipped with dual facing cameras to monitor road conditions and driver safety. We also have electronic logs fitted in our trucks to make sure that all our drivers are well rested and compliant with local and federal regulations.

reducing emissions

Because we have DPF (diesel particulate filters) fitted on our moving trucks, we are able to do our part to reduce hydrocarbon emissions on the job. We are always looking for new ways to improve our impact on the planet, so be sure to inquire about reusable crates for your next move.


inspected & sanitized daily

Your safety is our nº1 concern. We retain the highest level of quality assurance for our truck fleet. Our team inspects and sanitizes our trucks daily to make sure that they are as clean and hygienic as possible. We also inspect our trucks with a K9 bed bug inspector to give you peace of mind so that you can feel confident that your belongings are properly cared for and are in good hands.

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