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In our over 25 years of experience in the moving industry, we have learned what it takes to be a personable, professional, and reliable moving company.

Every morning, our movers go out on the road to help families, newlyweds, retirees, new graduates, young professionals (and everyone else in between) navigate the moving process and embark on a new journey in their lives.

With over 500,000 successful moves in the books, we have seen firsthand the lengths our movers go to take care of our clients. Whether you are moving across the country, or to a unit next door, our movers take great pride in their job, tending to your belongings as they would their own. With our expert team of movers, you can feel secure and at ease throughout your move. 


key facts about our wonderful movers:

  • Our movers are experienced, well trained, professional, courteous, honest and polite.
  • Many of our employees have called Oz home for over 20 years
  • We hand-select our movers after a comprehensive hand on interview. Once we choose an applicant, they are trained in our rigorous moving school.
  • We engage in extensive safety training, safe lifting practices, workplace safety and personal safety.
  • Our movers meet daily challenges and have the experience and expertise to handle every situation.
  • At Oz we believe in equity and inclusion. We aim to create a diverse, safe and welcoming environment for all our movers and clients.
  • We know moving is stressful, and so do our movers! They encounter clients every day with varying levels of stress and anxiety, and work to keep things running smoothly to help alleviate the tension.
  • We provide special training for commercial and long distance moving.

rigorous recruitment process of movers

The key to running a successful and esteemed moving company begins with hiring experienced and skilled movers. When we hire our movers, we look for certain qualities like diligence, promptness, and a can-do attitude. We also aim to hire movers that are personable so that they can provide both physical and emotional support during this stressful moment in your life.

In order to ensure that we hire the best movers, we vet our movers thoroughly and enroll them in a moving school to fine tune their skills. We are immensely proud of our team of skilled and experienced movers, and here’s why:


In order to get hired at Oz Moving, all of our movers must take part in a series of comprehensive interviews so that we can get a sense if they have the expertise necessary to be a good fit for our team. We look for movers who are honest, polite, professional and well-trained. We also seek movers who believe that Oz will be a good match for them. 

If you are interested in working for Oz, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


To make sure that our movers are up to par, all of our movers are enrolled in a rigorous moving school where we train them in extensive safety protocols and heaving lifting practices. Before our movers go out on the job, they must learn how to navigate walk-up buildings, busy city streets, narrow sidewalks, and handle fragile items. Our movers also learn how to pack specialty items and assemble and disassemble all kinds of furniture.

In our training program, we place great importance on health and workplace safety standards to make sure our movers never risk their safety (or your safety) while on the job. Even if a mover has spent many years at other moving companies, we enroll them at our moving school to ensure that they adhere to the high standards we practice at Oz. 


Since we started moving back in 1993, we’ve been able to build something special. Many of our movers have stayed by our side since the very beginning (over 20 years!), which we believe is a testament to the positive environment we cultivate at our company. We take great pride in the strong sense of community we have built together at Oz through the years. 


It’s no secret that moving can be a strenuous and physically demanding job full of long hours and manual labor. That’s why we take extra steps to prepare our movers for all sorts of challenges that may arise during commercial and long-distance moving jobs. Alongside our rigorous moving school, we provide additional training to ensure that our movers are safe and well-prepared for specialty moving jobs. 


At Oz, we are proud of our commitment to equity and inclusion. We strive to create a diverse, safe and welcoming environment. We want to help movers build lifelong careers in this industry, if they choose to, or prepare them for whatever they may go on to do afterward.  


qualities of an oz mover:

  • Friendly & Personable
  • Hardworking & Dedicated
  • Honest & Careful
  • Kind & Strong
  • Experienced, Skilled & Well-Trained
  • Polite & Professional

it’s no mystery why so many new yorkers love oz!

Oz Moving has been endorsed by a number of iconic businesses and institutions like Mercedes Benz, Valentino, The Empire State Building and The New Yorker. And, it’s no coincidence they all recommend Oz! Quality assurance is at the core of our company's strategy. We aim to create a warm and professional environment both on the ground and in our office.

We understand that moving can be a sensitive and stressful time for our clients. That’s why we work extra hard to earn your trust and prioritize extensive training so that our movers can take the utmost care of your most treasured belongings.


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