The Best Moving Checklist

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, pre-planning is essential. This moving checklist allows you to get organized and customize plans that best suit your needs, factoring in all the necessary elements for a successful move. Follow the steps below to get started!

  1. Tell us a few details using the location, date, and filter fields below.
  2. Set to-do’s and deadlines! We’ll let you know the suggested timeframes for completing certain tasks. Customize your tasks by adding notes and assigning specific dates. For your security, avoid adding confidential and personal information to this page.
  3. Save the URL located in the top bar of your browser! Each time you make a change, we create a custom URL to save your changes. The URL is the only way to get back to your customized moving checklist, so don’t leave without saving it!
  4. Email, Download, and Get Moving! Download your finalized moving checklist to print, or email your link to yourself, friends and family.

Congratulations on your big move, and good luck!

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