The Best Moving Checklist

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, pre-planning is essential. This moving checklist allows you to get organized and customize plans that best suit your needs, factoring in all the necessary elements for a successful move. Follow the steps below to get started!

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  2. Set to-do’s and deadlines! We’ll let you know the suggested timeframes for completing certain tasks. Customize your tasks by adding notes and assigning specific dates. For your security, avoid adding confidential and personal information to this page.
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Congratulations on your big move, and good luck!

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2 Months to move date

Take inventory of all the stuff in your house; there is way too much, right? Get rid of everything you can, figure out what you can sell then donate/trash the rest.

Create Your Organization Command Center. Purchase a secure file box, divider or binder to track the move. Whenever there is something important to save:[file it]

Collect important family documents: passports, birth certificates, insurance cards, financial records, legal documents etc.
If you need storage, find a suitable location and make arrangements to store those items.

Arrange to have any final maintenance or preparations done to new address such as: painting, carpentry, plumbing etc.

6 Weeks to move date

Contact your Bank.

  • Update Billing Address.
  • Collect copies of up-to-date financial statements.[file it]
  • Arrange for transfer for safety deposit box contents.
Contact homeowner's insurance agent to go over details, policy changes, extra coverage (for move) etc.

Update Address or cancel any magazine, newspaper or club subscriptions.

Notify your place of work about pending move to update your address and/or give notice. (The timeline for this task is relative, change where appropriate)

Notify important government entities of address change such as: IRS, DMV etc.

Host a moving sale to unload as much of that famous clutter as possible. After all, you just spent 2 weeks digging through it all!

Pre-Organize your move!

  • Create an inventory sheet where you can track all items on moving day: boxes, furniture, appliances etc.
  • Conduct room-by-room survey; take inventory of all large items.[file it]
  • Assign a name, color and/or label to each room for packing and boxes; take inventory.[file it]
  • Arrange any special arrangements such as travel plans, child and pet care, hotels etc.[file it]

1 Month to move date

Manage Utilities: phone, cable, internet, water, gas, electricity etc.

  • Arrange to have all utilities shut off on or after move date at old residence.
  • Arrange to have utilities turned on before arrival at new residence.

Contact Credit Card companies to update billing address and discuss any other needs.

Contact Voter Registration office to update address and/or find registration office at new residence.

Start packing the areas and things you won't be needing for a while.

  • Infrequently used areas such as garage and attic. Take Inventory.[file it]
  • Infrequently used items: seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, books etc. Take Inventory.[file it]

3 Weeks to move date

Complete Change of Address form for USPS (online).

Contact auto insurance agency to go over any details or changes necessary.

Arrange any and all Medical needs.

  • Notify Health Insurance Provider of Move - OR - Contact New Provider to find and contact new Doctors.[file it]
  • Notify primary care physician and/or dentist of move, and collect copies of medical records.[file it]
    Arrange transfer of medical records to new physicians if necessary.

If Moving Out of State: Prepare Automobile and Driver License registration.[file it]

Finish disposing/recycling and and all items that will not be moved.

2 Weeks to move date

Arrange for Locksmith to change locks at new residence. (to be completed on or just before moving day)

Arrange for professional cleaning after moving out of old residence, and before moving into new.

Confirm scheduled installations and start-up dates for desired and essential utilities at new address. (phone, cable, water, gas, electric, etc.)

Begin packing majority of items.

  • Pack all non-essential items, label and take inventory for moving day.[file it]

Return borrowed items to friends and businesses.

Fill and/or transfer (to new pharmacy) all medical prescriptions.

1 Week to move date

Arrange forwarding of Mail.

Gather any loose items from dry cleaners, repair shop etc.

If Using Movers: Confirm date for packing and moving.

If Moving Self: Confirm moving truck, help from friends, and finish packing.

Prepare personal travel items and kit required for moving day. Anything you will need on hand during travel, move and/or prior to being unpacked.

1 Day to move date

If Moving Self: Dismantle beds and large furniture.

  • Print an information sheet for movers; include old and new addresses as well as directions and contact information.
  • Print several copies.[file it]

Disconnect major appliances for moving.

Defrost refrigerator and freezer.

Pack your "essentials" boxes. These are the items you will want access to right away when unloading and unpacking.

  • Label these boxes as "last-out/first-in" for movers.

Confirm any accomodations for moving/travel: flights, hotels, pet daycare, child daycare (or just if staying with friends for a local move).

Moving day

Perform a house walk-through, ensure everything is packed and ready.

  • Finalize and double-check your inventory list.
  • Perform final clean up.

Ensure that lunch will be ready or delivered for friends and family.

Turn keys over to landlord or real estate agent.

Have someone on hand to direct movers, friends, family etc.

Confirm Bill of Lading with Movers.[file it]

Take Deep Breaths!

Delivery Day

Perform walk-through inspection of New Residence.

  • Inspect faucets, toilets, utilities, smoke detectors, water heater, etc.

Have someone on hand to direct movers, friends and family.

  • Check items off inventory list as they are unloaded.

Inspect Items, Furniture and Boxes for Damage.

  • Photograph any and all damages before signing a release form and/or Bill of Lading.[file it]
  • Document any loss/damage on inventory sheet or Bill of Lading.[file it]

Unpack, and give yourself a huge pat on the back!