Where to get moving boxes in NYC, according to moving experts


When it’s time to move out of their apartments, New Yorkers often don’t know where to turn to get moving boxes. After all, they haven’t had to think about boxes since they moved in! While many will search high and low for the most cost effective solutions, some will look for maximum convenience and others will strive for the highest quality moving boxes possible. Plenty of options exist to meet all these unique wants;  there’s no shortage of boxes in this world.


The safest option is to always opt for the highest quality moving boxes. The sturdiest boxes available are newly made boxes designed specifically for moving. Buying boxes is especially important for special items like lamps, artwork, flat screen TVs or china. Any New Yorker  hiring a moving company to relocate their belongings can inquire about purchasing extra boxes directly from them. Depending on the company, the movers may even provide additional perks to increase customer convenience. Oz Moving will even deliver boxes to our customers free of charge.*

Moving boxes are also available to be delivered to NYC from online retailers. Of course, as Amazon rules over every part of collective human existence, they have their own boxes for sale. Other moving ecommerce sites like uLine, uBoxes, or BoxEngine are dedicated to selling moving boxes online. Shop around to find the right package for you before ordering!


Anyone in a pinch can make a quick trip to several different locations to get moving boxes, if they prefer to buy them in person. A hardware store like your local Home Depot will have sturdy boxes for sale. The same can be said for the local Staples or the other office supplies store in the area. In addition to other stores that focus on selling moving supplies (which may or may not be present everywhere), uHaul also sells plenty of moving supplies including boxes.


1. Local Listings: Much like they can be purchased online, moving boxes can often be found for free online. Craigslist and Freecycle listings will often advertise where some boxes can be picked up at no charge. Often whoever wants the box will have to travel to the poster to retrieve them, but the effort may be worth it to them. 

2. Social Media: Free boxes can also be found on Facebook on occasion in marketplace or groups. Someone who needs moving boxes might find a simple social media post will reveal a friend who would be happy to give them their superfluous boxes.

3. Stores:
If an easy opportunity to obtain surplus boxes doesn’t arise from posting around those websites, many local establishments are likely to have extra boxes that are commonly reused during the moving process.  Here are a few places some intrepid posters have recommended:

Starbucks“if you find out what day an order comes in, you can call to actually reserve the boxes for pick up.”
Barnes & NoblesGo in the store and ask for a few boxes — they’ll likely say yes.
Trader Joe’s: “If you have a Trader Joe’s grocery store in your area you can go in first thing in the morning when they open & they will have boxes.”

Target“Will usually have a large supply of empty boxes folded up in the back from inventory shipments”

McDonald’s“These [french fry] boxes are strong and also excellent for hauling heavy items.”

4. Your Job:

A lot of companies run through boxes on a regular basis. Try asking around your job if there are extra boxes in the office. There’s also a chance one of your co-workers just moved and they can share their boxes. 

5. Your Friends: 
You never know what your friends might be able to dig up for you - maybe their job has extra boxes, or their friends just moved. Asking one to keep their eye out for boxes might pay dividends. 

6. Other Places:

Depending on what’s around you, various opportunities for boxes could arise in varying places, such as a school, a recycling plant, or a warehouse. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to find boxes around the neighborhood, and brainstorm what else might be around that could offer the best boxes for your move.


Sadly, most people underestimate just how many boxes they will need to completely pack their home. It’s always better to get too many boxes than too few. Oz VP of Sales Nimrod Sheinberg told Apartment Therapy that everyone should estimate they need about 15 boxes per room in their home. Though that seems like a lot, it becomes more realistic when you realize one shelf on your bookshelf or one drawer in your dresser will probably fill one box on its own. This could mean each shelf or drawer requires 5-6 boxes to fully pack on its own.


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