What's It Like Living in Queens?

Queens Unisphere

Everyone knows about Manhattan and Brooklyn’s got all the hype, but what about Queens? One of New York’s best boroughs has seemingly been kept under wraps. Even without the same reputation as its neighboring boroughs, Queens has a lot to offer. History, culture and fun all can be easily found within the borders of Queens, and there’s plenty of great meals to eat along the way, too. 

Flushing Meadows Corona Park



Queens Parks might not be as well known as Central Park or Prospect Park, but are still some of the best in the city. Queens can boast Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, one of the city’s largest, known for hosting the World’s Fair in 1964 and the famous Unisphere. Aside from its place in history, Corona park boasts every amenity anyone would want out of a park, from basketball courts, soccer fields and baseball diamonds to dog friendly areas and picnic tables.

Socrates Sculpture Park offers something different from most parks in the city, though it does have plenty of grass and areas to sit and soak up the sun. As its name implies, the park is host to several abstract sculptures that change seasonally. The park is free to visit, making it one of the best spots in the city that people can see art without paying a museum admission fee. Gantry Plaza State Park isn’t known very often by name; you might remember it easier by recalling it’s where the famous Pepsi sign stands. Gantry Plaza has some of the best views in the entire city; from the LiC park, you can gaze upon the unobstructed midtown skyline with wonder (if you’re like most New Yorkers).


Dani's House of Pizza - Kew Gardens


Queens might be the most underrated borough in the city, and it holds this underrated status strongest when it comes to cuisine. We have to start with pizza, which may be the quintessential dish of NYC. The go-to pizza spot in Queens is Dani’s House of Pizza in Kew Gardens, a popular fixture in the south-east part of Queens. Tasting the sauce on the cheese pizza, it’s easy to tell why there’s likely to be a small crowd inside Dani’s on any given night. For lovers of Italian food, Queens offers a number of famous and highly regarded restaurants like Trattoria l’Incontro in Astoria or Bruno’s Ristorante in Howard Beach. Astoria’s Taverna Kyclades is one of the world’s most famous (and busiest) Greek restaurants. Flushing’s Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao is one of the world’s most popular soup dumpling spots. All in all, Queens bolsters some of the best food in the city without nearly as much fanfare as the more popular boroughs; try some of these restaurants and you’ll see for yourself.


Ridgewood Savings Bank in Ridgewood Queens



New York City is a very expensive place to live - that’s not a secret to anyone even vaguely familiar with it. Queens is not exactly an exception - but, the borough does offer some of the best value for the money in the city in terms of rent. Queens’ average home values ($439,500) are lower than those of Manhattan ($848,600) and Brooklyn ($558,000) which means buying and renting apartments and even houses is more affordable for residents. Parking, as a result, is also cheaper to come by in Queens than in other more popular boroughs. As another result of the reduced price on land, living expenses in Queens often come at more affordable rates as well. When looking at the lower costs and the still highly maintained standards of living, it’s easy to see why many of Queens’ approximately 2.2 million residents find that their borough offers the best bang for the buck in New York city.

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