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After months of Nostradamus-like predictions certain that the end was nigh for New York City, those who stuck out the pandemic are feeling more vindicated for their perseverance and staying put despite many months of lockdown and uncertainty. Last summer, NYC moving companies experienced record breaking calls from New Yorkers hoping to get out of the city. But while some fled to Long Island, Florida or Texas or Los Angeles, millions of New Yorkers stayed put.

Fortunately, New York City is a historically resilient place that can overcome any crisis that comes its way. Earlier this summer, New York City roared back to life, proving many skeptics wrong about what was in store for the Big Apple. 

Are People Moving Back to NYC?

Despite the outflow of New Yorkers during the Pandemic, it’s safe to say that New Yorkers are moving back to the city, and in large numbers. Whereas, months ago, it was easy to score a good deal on an apartment, now people are waiting in line again and getting into bidding wars to sign the perfect lease. The competition signals that people are indeed moving back!

Is NYC coming back to life?

The Great Reopening surpassed expectations about what New York would look like after the pandemic. All of last year, since hanging indoors was forbidden, the most social place in town was Central Park or Prospect Park. However, this is no longer the case, although spending time in NYC’s parks is still a lovely choice!

As of October 2021, Fashion Week has made a comeback, The Met Opera is back open, along with Broadway shows and sold out Madison Square Garden concerts. Bars are packed, restaurants are flooded with reservations and there are a non stop array of events for your calendar. So, yes it’s safe to say that New York City has come back to life! 

Is it a good time to move to NYC?

Some may say that moving to NYC right now may be slightly more challenging than usual. Because so many people decided to move back at once, finding an apartment may be unusually competitive. However, now that summer is over, it is typically easier to find a place and book movers. The Fall/Winter months are generally a slower time for real estate and the rental market. 

Is it worth moving to NYC?

This answer to this question often depends on your personal goals, lifestyle choices and, perhaps, even personality. Plenty of people would never dream of moving to New York and find city life exhausting. However, if you are someone who seeks a career in Fashion, Music or Marketing (to list a few), then moving to NYC is generally worth it. Moreover, if you are someone who simply loves big cities and chasing new experiences, then moving to NYC is a no brainer. 

3 Reasons to Move Back to New York
  1. With remote work as an option, New Yorkers can live with more flexibility. You won’t have to worry as much about living close to work, instead you’ll be able to explore new neighborhoods. The possibility of remote work means being able to live anywhere in NYC: Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx and not have to panic about not being near the right subway line.

  2. Good deals! Right now, it’s possible to score a good deal in certain neighborhoods like the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown and Financial District -- particularly areas where many people left. First time renters will be pleased to know that many of the neighborhoods that were previously out of reach, can now afford these areas.

  3. Feel the energy! The present energy in New York is unlike anywhere else. The current excitement of the big apple may not be replicated ever again. With outdoor dining and the open streets program in neighborhoods like the East Village, there is a vibrant spirit in the streets. Don’t miss out! 

More Job Opportunities

Due to the grand reopening of NYC, there are a wide variety of openings in numerous fields like service, education, healthcare, tech, entertainment and so forth. The temporary closures of businesses, the present labor shortage and the outflow of New Yorkers during the pandemic means that there are lots of opportunities for newcomers or those returning back. Moreover, plenty of companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google have signed new leases for gigantic office spaces in the city. Like other US cities (Austin, San Francisco), many tech companies have signaled their desire to expand their presence in NYC.

Rent is Cheaper

While rent is not as cheap as during the peak of lockdown, there are still ways to find good deals in NYC. Be sure to check streeteasy regularly to see what properties are offering months of free rent. In general, the properties with a discount on rent are the bigger high rise buildings that have an abundance of empty units. 

It’s also a good idea to check out the sublet market. Online resources like Facebook Marketplace can be a reliable place to score a good deal on a sublet. When it comes to sublets, many people are scrambling to make last minute moves and need a desperate replacement, which often means offering discounted rent to their subletters. 

Favorable Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic affected the real estate market. While last year, the real estate market in NYC was slow and undesirable, this year, the real estate market looks a bit different. In certain neighborhoods, prices are roaring back up, but it’s still possible to hunt down a good pandemic deal.

Ready to Move to NYC?

Whether you are seeking to move in or move out of NYC, you should reach out to local NYC movers and request a quote! Movers can provide an estimate based on the square-footage of your present home. 



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