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San Francisco

Moving from one home to another can be an overwhelming task. There are many things to pack and many preparations before the big day. This situation is made worse if you have decided to move a long distance where you'll be on the road for a couple of days. When you arrive at your new destination, you have a lot of unpacking, which can take forever to do. However, a long-distance move does not have to be tiresome and nerve-wracking. Hiring a professional moving company like Oz Moving makes the cross-country move easier for you and your family. Long-distance moving companies in NYC will do most of the packing for you, help you with the transport and finally unpack your items when at your new destination.

We recall a client who had spent decades in their New York City loft, accumulating memories and items alike. The thought of moving to San Francisco seemed daunting to them. But when Oz Moving stepped in, we streamlined their packing, carefully curated which items to bring, and even helped them set up a cozy reading nook in their new Bay Area home. They told us it felt like a piece of NYC had journeyed with them, making the new city feel instantly like home.


What Is SF Known For?

While New York City has its fair share of historic landmarks, San Francisco also has plenty you're familiar with. The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz are the most well-known attractions, but San Francisco also features a plethora of lesser-known attractions equally as thrilling. There is plenty of art and culture to explore in this city, home to institutions such as the Palace of Fine Arts, the Legion of Honor Museum, and the California Academy of Sciences. Another beautiful historical site is the Ferry Building from which you can take a ferry across the bay to Sausalito, where you can shop and dine. Other places to explore include Chinatown and Japantown.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Moving to San Francisco?

San Francisco has a strong job market, with plenty of job opportunities. It also has a mild climate and breathtaking view from most vantage points in the city. However, just like any other city, it also has its shortcomings. The high cost of living is a factor contributing to the increase in homelessness. San Francisco is also pretty crowded. Below are some more pros and cons of moving to San Francisco.

SF Has More of NYC’s Virtues Than You Might Think

While San Francisco is smaller and less populous than New York, it contains all the amenities found in the Big Apple. They both offer a wealth of career opportunities. There is also a strong comingling of culture, diversity, and food.

SF Has More of NYC’s Downsides Than You Might Think

The housing situation in New York is better than in San Francisco in terms of rent. The high cost of housing in SF will shock some people not used to such figures. Paying rent in San Francisco will put a big dent in your paycheck. The average monthly rent is $3,600 while the median property value is a staggering $1.3 million minimum. This property value is 80% higher than living anywhere else in the United States. If you are renting an apartment alone, you should consider having roommates.

We once advised a client, fresh out of a spacious New York loft, about the San Francisco housing market. They were shocked at the rental prices and property values so we suggested considering a co-living situation. By the time they moved, we were helping them set up a shared space with two roommates, making the financial transition smoother and introducing them to new friends in the process.

It’s Not the Water

New York boasts of its delicious bagels and credits that to their tap water quality. However, the bagels in San Francisco are just as delicious, and their water is of the same quality as that in NYC.

Relax, Dude

New Yorkers generally have a reputation for being kind of rude and pretentious. San Franciscans, on the other hand, are much more laid-back and carefree about many things as is usually typical of Californians.

Tech Life

The career opportunities in San Francisco are endless, especially if your field of expertise is in tech. Since the early 2000s, the tech industry has introduced over 66,000 jobs to the economy of San Fran. The presence of Silicon Valley in the southern region has everything to do with this booming hub of technology as it is home to the big names like Google, Twitter, Apple, etc. The region also provides the chance for small businesses startups to grow and become the next tech industry behemoth.

Is New York Better Than SF?

Deciding which city is better for you entirely depends on what you are looking for. These two cities are similar in many ways and yet so different. They both are hubs for opportunities for anyone daring to dream. However, a few factors can be used to determine the better place to live in. New York City is more extensive and more populous than San Francisco. Even when compared to Manhattan, San Francisco is generally smaller. This also means that the streets in New York City are typically crowded while those in San Francisco are not.

Jobs in New York are generally more diverse than in San Francisco. People joke typically about how everyone living in SF is in the tech industry. San Francisco, however, pays better than New York by up to 3.9%.

New York is also statistically safer to live in than San Francisco. In San Francisco, the crime problem is mostly tied to the homelessness problem and the substance abuse issues that many homeless fall victim to. 



How Much Does It Cost to Move From NYC to San Francisco?

Hiring NYC movers assures you of dependability and a fixed rate with no future surprises. The cost of a move using van lines typically ranges between $2,500 and $6,500. This makes the average cost $4,500, which covers everything, including transportation costs. All you need to do is contact a moving service, get your free quote, provide them with a moving date, sit back, and wait.

Is Living in San Francisco Cheaper Than New York?

The cost of living is high in both places. While this is true, San Francisco seemingly always tops the list of the most expensive place to live in the country. The high cost of living results from demand exceeding supply, mainly because tight building restrictions prevent "Manhattanizing" or the construction of towering, high-density residences.

Is Moving to San Francisco a Good Idea?

Moving to San Francisco is a good idea, especially if you are trying to get away from the bustling city life in New York. You can get a reliable San Francisco moving company to help with this. The average weather conditions in San Francisco are better. The weather also makes it easier for you to enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and going to the beach.

It does get foggy sometimes in SF, but this still beats the Big Apple’s winter cold. San Francisco also provides a suitable home for your furry friends. There is a reason it was ranked as the most dog-friendly city in the United States. There are a lot of parks in San Francisco. Coupled with the generally mild weather makes nearly every day a play day. Getting around the Bay Area has been made accessible due to the multiple public transportation options from the famous cable to the streetcars to BART. The city also has ride-share options like Uber, which was founded and based in the city. The roads are also accommodating to two-wheel drivers by having bike lanes for motorists.

Where in San Francisco Should I Move To?

Choosing the right neighborhood in San Francisco is important to decide on before your move. Neighborhoods in the city run the gamut from the pricier Nob Hill to Chinatown, the Haight and the Sunset District.

We recently assisted a client who was set on moving to Russian Hill because of its prestige. After discussing their lifestyle and preferences, we suggested they also explore neighborhoods like North Beach and Telegraph Hill. A few weeks later, they excitedly told us they'd fallen in love with a charming spot in North Beach, thanking us for helping them find a place that truly felt like home.

What Are Some of the Things to Do in San Francisco?

San Francisco boasts of having a top-notch culinary scene. SF's unique culinary culture will make foodies happy. It offers a wide range of delectable cuisine from street tacos and burritos to Italian and Asian cuisine. It's easy to find a tasty meal anywhere in the city, thanks to the abundance of food trucks, bakeries, farmer's markets, and coffee shops.

Fisherman's Wharf is a popular tourist attraction. The Presidio has miles of hills and wooded areas. Golden Gate Park is where you'll find museums like the De Young Museum. Cheer on the Giants at Oracle Park, and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands and back to the city. Get a photo op of the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square, and take the elevator to the top of Coit Tower to get expansive views of the city and the bay. Take a ferry across to Jack London Square in Oakland, and take a tour of the USS Potomac, FDR's presidential yacht. No matter where you're moving to, you need a moving company that you can trust to walk with you every step of the way. Oz Moving offers budget-friendly prices and relocation packages depending on your destination. Our long-distance moving packages also include insurance covering all your transportable belongings, a responsible and responsive professional staff, storage facilities, tracking in real time, and on-time deliveries.

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