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Moving into or around New York City can be an adventure, especially for first timers. Part of a sound moving strategy should be pre-planning: getting the lay of the land, as well as familiarizing oneself with some written and unwritten rules associated with navigating Gotham’s busy streets. Whether going it alone or hiring a professional NYC moving company to get you to your next location, pay close attention to the following list of “Oz Moving Tips” so that your moving project can go off with a hitch. 


  • Street Parking

New York City’s parking rules can be confusing, so have a clear understanding of where and when a moving van/truck can park on a busy street. Know the differences for commercial and passenger vehicles, as you could easily end up with a ticket, a wheel boot, or worse, getting towed to the impound lot. 


  • Walk-up or High Rise

Part of moving on a busy street has to do with the type of building you’ll be moving to. A quaint brownstone on a side street will often be a walk-up with limited lobby access, small elevators (if any) and little curbside parking. Conversely, a modern high rise or office building may be much more “moving friendly” with respect to accessibility and parking. Scout the target location beforehand if possible, and plan based on the information you confirm.


  • Don’t Block the Block

There are few things that anger New Yorkers more than sitting in traffic, and blocking a busy street with a moving van/truck will incite the ire of many City dwellers. Additionally, blocking a street can be problematic for first responders in case of an emergency. Be smart about where your moving vehicle can park, and be aware of leaving adequate room for traffic flow.


  • Off Peak

The City’s busiest time comes during normal business hours, so moving off peak is advisable. It is important to note that some buildings only permit moving during designated time frames and days, so check ahead with property management. Pay attention to building (and neighborhood) rules to make your move as easy as possible.


  • Van or Truck?

Depending on the scope of your moving project, a van may be more practical than a larger box truck. Obviously the former will be simpler to negotiate on busy streets, as well as to park, so take a pre-move inventory of your items and determine which type of rental vehicle will be required. If a large moving truck is required, then it is imperative that your pre-plan is tailored to the limitations of a commercial vehicle that takes up significant space on a given street.


  • Security

It is always advisable to have moving boxes clearly marked, but such identification can be potentially hazardous. While moving anywhere in New York City, make sure that someone is always with the vehicle during the unloading process. An unattended moving truck is a prime target for enterprising thieves.


Oz Moving & Storage has successfully moved thousands of customers over the past two-plus decade. Being expert local movers in NYC, we know how to conquer the city’s busiest streets. Think about the aforementioned tips as you plan your next moving project, and consider letting our expertise get you from Point A to Point B in the most cost effective and stress-free manner. Read more tips on moving to NYC from Oz Moving.

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