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Couple Moving in together for the first time


Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a milestone step in the relationship. When a couple moves in together, they experience each other’s’ company in novel ways. Emotionally preparing for this big step is enough of a task. There’s also the tasks behind the actual moving, which also need to be taken care of. No couple will want their first days as roommates to turn into a day full of putting out fires. With these tips in your back pocket, hopefully you can prevent your moving day from turning into a relationship misadventure.



Couples who live apart are bound to find redundancies in each others’ inventories when they decide to move in together. Moving costs more the more you end up moving, so make sure to evaluate what you’ll be bringing into the new home early on before you end up moving items you don’t need. Most couples won’t need two microwaves, so getting rid of one will be an easy decision.

What might be a tougher decision is items like bedding, couches or chairs, etc. Make sure to take the spatial configurations of your new home into consideration, as you might end up having less space to work with then you think. In the end, not moving things more than one time is the easiest way to go. 


Couples splitting the bills


When couples move in with one another, their finances become even more intertwined as well. Rent, electricity, internet, groceries, cleaning supplies, and other amenities need to be paid for. “When a couple decides to live together, a new set of challenges centered around finances will arise.” dating coach Jonathan Bennett says. “This creates new questions and conflicts that both partners likely have barely considered. Deciding who pays for dinner once a week is a lot different than deciding who pays for rent, especially if one person develops financial problems.” 
Each couple has their own right mix of who pays for what, but it makes the most sense for couples to split their costs 50/50 when they first move in together. The conversation is still worth having, since communication on issues like financial security are worth having.


Couples living together for the first time



The biggest risk to moving in with a partner is breaking up - and having to be committed to living somewhere you can no longer bear being. There’s ways to limit the risks that this can happen. One simple way is to plan ahead, doing everything you can to prevent a conflict in the home that could result in a break-up. “The one piece of advice I would give couples who have decided to move in together, start with a short term lease.” says Meghan Martinez, real estate investor at Rent it Yourself. “Breaking up is hard to do, but it is a complete nightmare if you also have to break a lease.”

To prevent risk of this happening, keep your leases shorter term and avoid buying if you can. To prepare yourself for the worst case scenario, try to formulate a plan for what you would do if you could no longer live at the apartment, whether it’s crashing on a friend’s futon or moving into a nearby hotel until a real estate agent you know finds the right place for you.


There won’t be a lot of privacy in any couples’ apartment; the two need to learn to have a mutually agreeable living space. Plan what you want the layout to be like together. Whether you want the living room to be a chill place for you and your partner to relax, or an exciting place to entertain, there should be a consensus between you and your partner. Smaller factors that still make an impact, like home temperature, cleaning routines, and even where shoes/coats belong in the home should be decided upon early on.

Living together for the first time


NYC Moving Companies usually charge by the hour, so if yours can save time by moving both you and your partner in one shot, you can sometimes save money on your move. It’s best if both old homes are the same direction from the new home - whether that’s east, west, south or north. Now that you’re spending for two, don’t feel so bad going in together on a moving company.


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