Moving to San Francisco

San Francisco Bridge

The Bay Area has become a hotspot for innovation and exciting, growing industries. As a result, more and more young professionals are relocating to San Francisco. With unprecedented population growth in the bay, lifestyles are changing in ways no one could have expected, and prices are starting to shoot up. But people who live in the area have found ways to thrive.

We asked some of them what they’d tell newcomers to the city about adjusting to the newly hip San Fran area.


Getting Around

“I think the most important thing for a new San Franciscan to consider when moving there is to make sure that they are as close as possible to either public transportation, or within walking distance to a local market.” says Eric Schumacher, a San Francisco native. “Parking is close to impossible in the city it’s rare that an apartment or even a house has its own parking.”
As Eric tells us, getting around by car is difficult in San Francisco, because parking is practically non-existent, and the hills around the city make it very difficult to bike. Thus, walking and public transportation are the most viable ways to get around. For people accustomed to riding their bike moving to SF, street inclines in specific neighborhoods is definitely something to consider.


Taking a trolley in San Francisco


Know Your Neighborhood

"I recommend that newcomers should take their time exploring their new surroundings. There are lots of awesome neighborhoods dedicated to the numerous communities that live within the city, from North Beach and Chinatown to Little Saigon and the Mission.” says Noel McCann, a marketing analyst at San Francisco based company Homesuite, which rents furnished homes and apartments in various cities (including San Francisco).
San Francisco is a diverse city with a lot of different experiences within; after exploring those options, new residents can make a better choice on their living arrangement to optimize their experience. Going even further, the Bay Area offers some alternatives to San Francisco life: if none of the city options seem ideal, Oakland or San Jose could be the right place for you.

The Good Outdoors

“San Franciscans are very outdoorsy - with tons of options for biking, hiking and water activities at their doorsteps.” says Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, a three-timer mover to San Francisco and trip planner for families travelling to cities like San Fran for MomAboard.

San Francisco’s lovely weather is taken advantage of by its citizens, who commonly utilize the great weather to get out of their homes and exercise. Even though SF is in the north part of the state, it’s still a part of California - the state with the best climate in the US. Dhawan tells us that “micro-climates” in the city have slightly different weather despite being close together, due to a fog belt in Northern San Fran.

“I'd also go exercise in the city's awesome parks, whether you go running in Crissy Field or play Frisbee Golf with your friends in Golden Gate Park. Many locals love going outside during the weekend, and spending time outdoors is a sure-fire way to make new friends in San Francisco." says McCann.

San Francisco Skyline View

City Life

There are plenty of differences between San Fran and other major cities in the US, like NYC, Chicago and L.A., but much of life in all these cities is very similar. Raising rents means space is at a premium in SF, so consolidating your life into a small amount of essential items helps significantly. The people also share a lot with other city dwellers, including political beliefs and idiosyncrasies.

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