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New York City

New York City is a Big Exicting Place full of Amazing Opportunities. Read our tips on relocating to this great city below!

Even though the Big Apple can be truly terrifying, and at times menacingly inconvenient to live in, once people arrive in the Big Apple, they never want to leave. That’s where you come in. You’re moving to New York, and you might not be sure how to best adapt to your new surroundings. Oz Moving is here to help. Oz has been around New York since 1993, so we know a thing or two. We’ve also moved around quite a bit, so we know a lot of different areas pretty well. Here are our tips on moving to New York City.


Forget about your car

If you had one before, you’re not going to need a car in New York. Parking in New York costs about as much as rent in another less desirable city (anywhere else compared to NYC, am I right?). It’s just not worth it. There are plenty of options for short distance travel (subway, bus, taxi, rideshare apps such as Uber, Lyft, and Gett), mid distance travel (LiRR, Metro North, NJ Transit) and long distance travel (AmTrak, Port Authority Buses). These options will save you the money and hassle of tolls, finding parking, dealing with parking tickets (who hasn’t forgotten to feed the meter before?) and paying too much for parking. Eventually, you will come to love not having to drive everywhere.


Forget about a lot of your stuff

When you’re moving to New York, take into account that cost per square foot there is prohibitively expensive. Unless you want to pay a premium for space to leave old junk, you might have to leave some of your stuff behind, or store it. Take this as a good opportunity to declutter your living space and get rid of those Furbies, Tamagotchis and N*Sync posters.


Make sure you clear your move-in with your building

This is an important tip for moving to NYC that a lot of people forget or neglect to follow, and they end up not moving in on-time because of it. Before you move in, make sure to notify your building management of your plans and reserve the elevators in your new building on move-in day well in advance. Depending on the building, elevator reservations may be in high demand, so you might need to book yours well in advance. Make sure you book your elevators at a time that makes sense; take into consideration the time it will take to pack your items, load them into the truck, and travel to your new building.

If your new apartment is a walk-up, try and consult with your building manager for advice on bringing your stuff up the stairs. You may want to ask your building manager on when you should move in to avoid crowding the street at a busy time. In any case, it’s important to know the regulations in the building to avoid breaking internal rules and enraging your building superintendent before anything even breaks in your apartment. Your building may not allow moves in and out on weekends either; don’t let your plans be completely ruined by a last-minute change of schedule.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the stars (and weirdos)

New York is a pretty special city. The Big Apple is home to so many celebrities that you’re bound to see one walking down the street one day like a normal shmuck! (Then they get into their town car and you remember you’re taking a 6 train that will probably smell like rotting fish.) You’re also probably going to see an array of people who like to yell sometimes unintelligible and oftentimes nonsensical things at any passersby. The rule of thumb of New York is to not react unless an unsafe environment is being created, or someone is under threat. Basically, now that you’re a New Yorker, you should act like it. This stuff happens every day.


Explore your food options

NYC is home to some of the best food establishments in the world. From Joe’s Pizza to David’s Bagels, and Big Gay Ice Cream to Brooklyn’s Pies ‘n’ Thighs, there’s a spot the locals will rave about for whatever kind of food you’re craving. This is not the time or place to get Papa John’s; with all the great burrito joints around, don’t default to Chipotle.Once you find a favorite spot, you’ll be thankful you gave the local cuisine a try. (And you’ll realize why NYC has the best cuisine of any city in the world.)


Find Your Niche

You didn’t move to New York City to sit at home alone, so why would you spend your friday night like that? There are so many bars and nightlife options in New York, whether you’re into traditional sports bars, clubs, or just want to play arcade games, there’s something for you in this city. Nine million people are within just a handful of miles of each other here in NYC; some of them are bound to like the same things you do.

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