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Moving to Manhattan? If you’re moving from the Bronx into Manhattan, then you are making a move downtown. In this instance, downtown could mean just about anything from Washington Heights to Battery Park City. All it takes to get into Manhattan is crossing the Harlem River. 

Manhattan, like the Bronx, is full of fun energy, delicious food and timeless architecture. But there are still many differences between the two boroughs, in terms of their affordability and accessibility.  

The best part about living in New York City is the variety available at your doorstep. Manhattan can offer a different lifestyle, rhythm, and price point than the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn or say Queens.

How much money to save before moving to NYC

Moving to NYC is expensive, to say the least. We recommend saving 3-4 times more than your expected rent before making the move. For instance, if you plan to pay $1600 a month for an apartment, we recommend saving at least $4800 before your arrival. This is to cover the first month's rent and the last month's rent (typically the security deposit which is required upon signing a lease). Moreover, sometimes, real estate agents will charge brokers fees or application fees, which is why we recommend saving up 3-4 times your first month’s rent to err on the side of caution. 

Other potential expenses are moving costs which can run you around $1000 or so depending on how far you move, and the volume of your move. Of course, there are also potential costs that accrue when buying new kitchen equipment, furniture and bedding but those costs ultimately depend on your budget. Lastly, do research on the costs of utilities in NYC. In NYC, the internet can cost you upwards of $30 a month and electricity costs are some of the most expensive in the nation. This is something to consider when saving up!

Differences between The Bronx & Manhattan

The Bronx offers a different pace of life than Manhattan. Unlike Manhattan, which is known for its co-ops and high rise buildings, The Bronx is full of single-family homes-- many of which have been historically preserved and retain elements of 19th century architecture. These Bronx neighborhoods include Riverdale, Mott Haven, Kingsbridge, Morris Park, and Woodlawn. In these areas, homes typically have front lawns, backyards, or some form of green spaces, which are hard to come by in Manhattan, particularly in areas like midtown. Manhattan is a fraction of the size of the Bronx, at just 22 square miles which means in Manhattan you are more likely to be living on top of your neighbor than in the Bronx.

In recent years, several neighborhoods in the Bronx have experienced gentrification. Areas like Port Morris and the South Bronx have been the sites of new development projects, featuring new industrial parks, high rise apartment buildings and more. Some of these areas have been voted the best neighborhoods in the Bronx, due to their boom in hip coffee shops, clothing stores and music venues. 

Other areas of the Bronx that are quite famous are the Grand Concourse, which was designed to resemble Park Avenue of Manhattan, but in the Bronx. The Bronx is full of beautiful and scenic nature. There are plenty of parks scattered throughout the Bronx like Pelham Bay Park, which is on the waterfront and Van Cortlandt Park, which resembles Central Park in its expansiveness and beauty. Moreover, the West Bronx is home to the famous Yankee Stadium, New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo, which are some of the best places to visit, especially if you have kids!

The Bronx is also full of great education options. From higher education (like Fordham University) to private schools (like Fieldston and Horace Mann), there are plenty of schools to choose from. Though of course, there are many great options in Manhattan as well.

The Bronx, like Manhattan, has many affordable housing complexes through NYCHA and the Mayor’s Office. Though Manhattan does offer some affordable options, Manhattan is generally more expensive than the Bronx. The cost of living in Manhattan is higher in almost all categories than the Bronx. Rents & real estate in Manhattan are higher, as well as the cost of groceries, restaurants and other basic day to day necessities. Though pricing may vary depending on neighborhood, a 1 bedroom apartment in Manhattan typically costs $3000 a month, while the same sized apartment in the Bronx would cost $1500, nearly half that. 

How to live Cheap in NYC

Living cheaply in NYC can be possible if you are on a budget. The first thing we’d recommend is using public transportation like the MTA or Citibike. Commuters in Manhattan are lucky because most of the train lines have been designed to get them connected to other boroughs. The train options within Manhattan allows residents of Manhattan easy access to all other parts of the Big Apple and even Long Island (via the LIRR), Westchester (via the Metro North) and New Jersey (via the PATH). Manhattan is also very walkable which means that it is easy to get around for free! 

Though many Bronx residents choose to own a car, in Manhattan, parking can get tricky because there are many neighborhoods where parking is simply not allowed or very expensive. Particularly on the west side of Manhattan, it can be difficult to find a parking space which makes sense why many Manhattan residents choose not to own a car!

To live cheaply in NYC, you need to get creative. Eating out can easily become expensive, but there are discount stores throughout the city like Costco, Western Beef and Jack’s that allow New Yorkers to save money on groceries and other household items. If you need to buy furniture try secondhand options like Housing Works, Goodwill, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Sometimes you can even find one of a kind items on the sidewalk! 

Moreover, when moving from The Bronx to Manhattan, be prepared to downsize. Try to sell some clothes and furniture that you may not need before you move in to your new home. Or, find a storage unit if you feel that you cannot part with your belongings. 

Another way to make life in NYC more affordable is to have roommates. There are plenty of good options for finding roommates like Facebook’s Gypsy Housing, Craigslist and Roomi. Another way to save money on rent is to find a sublet before you sign a lease. This way you will have more flexibility in case you lose income or some other circumstances in your life change, and you can wait until a good deal comes along. 

So, if you’re moving down Broadway into Manhattan, be sure to inquire with a local moving company and request a free quote. Reach out to local Bronx Movers or Manhattan Movers. Though the move from borough to borough may not be long distance, hiring a full service moving company can help you complete the move stress free! Moving services can also help you with packing and unpacking which can be a delight for those who dread moving!





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