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New York City and Boston are two of the most vibrant cities along the East Coast of the United States, and having facilitated numerous relocations between these two cities, we've witnessed the unique charm each offers. 

Though the two cities have an ongoing rivalry, both cities are friendly and welcoming to you whether you are a Yankees or a Red Sox fan. Over the years, we've assisted countless New Yorkers in their journey to Boston for various reasons, be it career advancement, starting a family, or seeking a change of scenery.

As you contemplate this move, we understand that transitioning to Boston might come with its own set of considerations. Trust us to provide you with the comprehensive guidance you need to navigate this exciting shift in your life.


Unlike New York City, where things tend to be open 24 hours, Boston shuts down pretty early in the evening. Boston bars typically close at 1am, though some can stay open until 2am. This is because the T (the Boston Metro system) shuts at around the same time (between 1am and 2am). This means that late nights out in Boston are not really a thing.... But Bostonians know how to have a good time despite that! Be sure to catch a game at Fenway park to see the true Boston spirit and enjoy some good Boston nightlife. 


Another funny part about living in Boston is learning about their antiquated liquor laws. For one, Happy Hour is illegal in the city. You also cannot purchase liquor on election day or purchase any alcohol after 2am. Some townships in Massachusetts prohibit the sale of alcohol in its entirety, though Boston is not one of them.  


Boston is seen as a cleaner counterpart to New York City. The city is known for being well-kept and maintained, especially compared to NYC. Boston has a fraction of the residents of NYC which means that the city feels far more approachable and leisurely, with plenty of areas that resemble suburban living, or parts of Brooklyn, as people in Boston tend to live in two to three story houses rather than high-rise apartment buildings.  


Moreover, Boston is super easy to get around when using the “T” or the MBTA (the Boston metro system). There are plenty of buses, above ground and below ground trains to connect you within Boston and from Boston into the suburbs and greater metropolitan area. This can be convenient if you are attending college in the greater Boston area and need to go from your university into the center of the city. 


Though Boston is still considered one of the most expensive cities in the U.S, Boston is still a cheaper alternative to NYC. The cost of living in Boston is around 18% cheaper than NYC. Essentially all expenses are cheaper in Boston, including food, transportation and utilities. However, rent in Boston can be comparable to rent in NYC, though, of course, there are neighborhoods where you can find a good deal. Some of the most affordable places to live are in Rosindale, Dorchester and Mattapan. In these areas, you can rent a 2-bedroom apartment for around $2000 which can seem like a bargain if you are coming from NYC. And your living room may be significantly bigger than any apartment you’ve had in NYC!

Real estate in Boston is also not cheap, when compared to other parts of the country. However, for the same price as a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC (1.2 million), you can purchase an entire home in Boston.  


Some of the most famous and cutest areas in Boston are located in Downtown. Home to the best seafood joints and the famous Boston Common, there is plenty to do in the area. For a nice stroll, we suggest heading to Cambridge, Beacon Hill or Back Bay to experience some of Boston’s New England charm. If you like to shop, don’t miss the famous Newbury Street! 


Boston is a very safe city overall, but those looking to live in the suburbs will be pleased to learn that Boston is home to some of the safest suburbs in the country. The Boston suburbs are an ideal destination for those looking to raise a family. Those interested in heading to the suburbs should check out Newton, Franklin, Lexington, Jamaica Plain, Reading, and West Roxbury, among other areas. 


Massachusetts is famous for their public school system. Year after year, Massachusetts schools are ranked the best in the nation for their college readiness, graduation rate and standardized test scores. The state also is home to the most educated population in the country, with almost 43% of adults holding bachelor’s degrees; some credit this achievement to their outstanding public school system.


Like New York, Boston has hot summers and cold winters, but those who are new in Boston may be disappointed to experience their first Boston winter. Boston is snowier, windier and colder than New York, so be prepared for some shoveling! While you can spend your summers enjoying the Cape Cod son, the state is prone to sub-zero temps and Nor’easters... so be prepared!


Lots of New Yorkers head to the Boston metro area for College. Aside from Harvard University, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, the city is also home to Northeastern University, Berklee College of Music, Emerson University and Tufts University not too far away. Due to the bustling nature of University life, Boston can be an easy transition for students coming from NYC. Boston has plenty of fun activities to offer for young people like museums, concert halls, restaurants, bars and more. Be sure to check out the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum!


Moving can be a challenge for those who do not want to leave their family and friends behind. The blessing of a move to Boston is that you can still see your friends very frequently! Boston a quick ride away from Manhattan, only 4 hours by bus or 3 hours by Acela Express. Moreover, living in Boston means you have easy access to some of the best East Coast beach destinations (like Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!) Boston’s central New England location is convenient for those looking to vacation up on the Cape! 


Moving from the Big Apple to Beantown can be stressful if you have not planned an interstate move before. Move from NYC to Boston can take from 5 to 8 hours, depending on traffic conditions, road factors, and any stops you make along the way. 

Whether you hire moving services or simply rent a U-Haul, we recommend you write out a moving checklist to help organize the move. It can be a huge task to get all of your stuff packed. We recommend inquiring with a long-distance moving company to see if they can supply any packing materials. Some moving companies even offer packing services

Moving to a new city like Boston can be a wonderful experience for many New Yorkers looking to shake things up, or hoping to reside in a more relaxed and quaint area. The pace of life in Boston may be slower, but there is plenty to do throughout the city. If you are interested in making the move be sure to inquire with a reputable Movers NYC and ask for a free quote. 


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