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The suburbs are making a comeback! With covid-related uncertainty looming in some of the U.S’ biggest cities, a lot of people are headed to the suburbs for a slice of nature and a more stable day-to-day life. One popular destination for those moving out of NYC is Stamford CT, which offers an urban-suburban landscape in relative proximity to the city. 

Connecticut is known for its historic architecture, excellent higher education options and relaxed way of life, especially compared to its neighbor: NYC. Stamford is CT’s third largest city with a population of around 129,000. Though that sounds tiny compared to NYC, Stamford trails behind the two largest cities in CT (New Haven and Bridgeport) when it comes to population size. 

Is Stamford a good place to live?

Stamford is a wonderful and highly coveted place to live. It’s setting on the Long Island Sound means that Stamford residents are blessed with year-long beautiful sea views and crisp ocean breezes. Though Stamford is technically a city, the area offers a more residential atmosphere and lifestyle. Stamford is definitely not a city that doesn’t sleep and the pace of life remains manageable. However, life in Stamford is certainly not boring. There are elements of city life like shopping, coffee shops, bars and delicious restaurants, while also offering total suburban bliss (big detached houses, two car garages, manicured front lawns).


One of the best draws of Stamford is its convenient location and transportation options. Stamford is well connected to New York City, via the Metro North and Amtrak train stations. Commuters can take the Metro North Trains to New Haven for easy access to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and all other parts of the city.  In just 53 minutes, you can be at Grand Central station. Stamford’s public transportation services are a huge gift to those who want to avoid bad rush hour traffic or sitting in grid locks on the I-95, which goes through the West Side of Stamford and can take you all the way to Miami (and NYC, of course).


Stamford is a diverse (and bi-lingual city) with almost a quarter of its residents speaking fluent Spanish. The median household income of a Stamford family is $89,000. Stamford has a bustling economy with tons of good paying jobs. There are Four Fortune 500 Office Headquarters in the city, two of which are: Charter Communications and Synchrony Financial. Stamford is also home to some gigantic media firms like YES Network, ITV America, NBC Universal, A&E Networks and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). In pre-covid times, Connecticut boasted a low unemployment rate.


Like other NYC suburbs, Stamford has well-rated public schools which is good for those hoping to raise a family in the area. In addition to public schools, there are many top ranked private schools in Stamford, as well as Catholic schools, Charter schools and Magnet schools. Private schools like The King School offer a great education all the way up to high school while The Mead School offers K-8. It’s also not entirely unreasonable to live in Stamford and commute to NYC for school, if your child has any specific needs that may not be offered in the immediate Stamford community. 


Stamford has a temperate climate, which means all four seasons are felt in their strongest form, especially summer. Stamford is a lively place during the summer. You can catch some beautiful coastal sunsets in Shippan Point or spend your weekends camping out in the woods. Fairfield County residents have options for good hiking, lakes and nature walks. In terms of nightlife, there are tons of outdoor music festivals that take place in the downtown area of the city. Another fun summer destination is Harbor Point, which is located on the waterfront. Be sure to take a stroll on the boardwalk or catch a ride on the free historic trolley bus that runs through the city. 

Stamford is also very fun during the winter due to its seasonal climate. In the colder months, Stamford residents can visit the Winter Wonderland Market, where you can drink some local brews and hang out with your family. The winters can get super snowy (averaging about 30 inches a year) so be sure to invest in some good sleds. There are several ski resorts in the area too like Campgaw Mountain, Thunder Ridge and Victor Constant (in West Point).

Is it expensive to live in Stamford CT?

Connecticut is the richest state in the United States, however there is still a lot of poverty and income inequality in the state. The real estate in Stamford is expensive; The median price of a single-family home is $511k. The cost of living and general pricing in the area is 42% higher than the national average. This is visible when it comes to utilities, groceries, restaurants and healthcare costs. The property taxes in Stamford are also relatively high; you can expect to pay around $3000 a year on your home. Moreover, Connecticut residents feel a heavy share of tax burden; about 10% of their incomes will be spent on property, income, sales and excise taxes (which is quite a lot when compared to other states in the U.S). However, this is still cheaper than New York state taxes (which are apparently some of the most burdensome in the country)

Aside from Stamford, there are other popular suburban options in Connecticut like Greenwich, Hartford, Norwalk, New Caanan, Danbury and Westport. These suburban metropolises’ are full luxury real estate options that are popular amongst wealthier Americans. Generally, good suburbs around NYC (like Westchester and Long Island, too) are highly affluent. Be sure to research the best real estate agents in CT to find a good deal on your new home. 

Is Stamford Downtown safe?

Downtown Stamford is safe! The FBI rates the city of Stamford as one of the safest areas in the country, though (like in most cities) some areas of Stamford are safer than others. The safest areas of Stamford are Palmers Hill, Westover, Shippan and North Stamford. Other parts of Stamford, however, have higher crime rates like the West Side, Cove- East Side and Waterside. 

But, in general, Stamford has a lower crime rate than the nationwide average, but a higher crime rate than other areas of CT. While there are crimes in the Stamford area, but for a city that size, the crime level is not worth panicking about. However, no matter how safe a city is, you should always use your street smarts when walking around at night, like you would do anywhere. 

Ready to move?

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted many of our lives and have pushed us to change our plans.This year, more people have decided to ditch fast paced city energy and try out a more quaint way of life, whether that be in the suburbs or far out in the country. New Yorkers have moved all across the U.S.A, but some of the most popular destinations have been along the East Coast (specifically Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island and Florida). 

For New Yorkers planning to move outside the city, be sure to inquire with a reputable NYC moving company and ask for a free quote. Local movers can assist you with planning, packing, unpacking and even provide options for full service storage in NYC.





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