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At Oz Moving, we understand the allure of transitioning from the bustling streets of NYC to the tranquility of Westchester County. We've assisted numerous clients seeking a suburban oasis, and we're here to share some insights for those considering a move.

From Long Island to nearby New Jersey, Westchester's charm beckons. Our experience shows that Westchester County, with its picturesque towns extending from Yonkers to the scenic Hudson River, offers a refreshing change of pace that many New Yorkers are seeking.

So, why make the move to Westchester? We've compiled a brief guide for those hoping to move from Manhattan to Westchester in the near future. 


Good Schools

Public schools in Westchester County are some of the best in the country, which is why many families flock to the area. The Scarsdale Public School System, for instance, is one of the best-funded public school systems in the country. Students from Scarsdale High School graduate with some of the best SAT and AP scores and go off to Ivy League schools. 

Many families in Westchester opt to send their kids to Westchester public schools because they are comparable to Private Schools in NYC (also because school taxes in the area are quite high). In fact, your real estate taxes may end up being similar to paying private school tuition! Great Public Schools are one of the best perks of Westchester living!


Though you may be stuck in the suburbs, you never have to worry about actually being stuck! One of the best parts of living in Westchester is having convenient access to the city. The Metro-North transit system gets you to Manhattan in under an hour. Moreover, the commute from Scarsdale to Grand Central can take as little as 34 minutes from station to station. 

There are Metro-North stations in Pleasantville, Tarrytown, Rye, Bronxville, Chappaqua, and Dobbs Ferry (to name a few towns!). 

You'll also find highways crisscrossing all the area, so you can reach Connecticut in 20 minutes, northern New Jersey in 20 minutes, or northern Pennsylvania in 90 minutes. 

Houses vs. Apartments

Westchester real estate is not cheap. It’s possible that in some areas of Westchester, you may end up paying more per square foot than in some areas of the city. But a place in Westchester can offer your family direct access to stuff that would be impossible in the city. 

We've seen families embrace the Westchester lifestyle with open arms. We recently helped a client relocate from their Manhattan apartment to a spacious Westchester house, where they could finally fulfill their dream of having a backyard oasis complete with a swimming pool and basketball court. 

Moreover, in Westchester, you will most likely be living in a house instead of an apartment, which is a great bonus for those hoping to start a family. In general terms, parts of Westchester can even be cheaper than Manhattan. The median price for square foot in Westchester County is $314, while the median price for square foot in Manhattan is over $1500.

However, prices largely depend on the area. The average price for a single-family home in Scarsdale is 1.4 million, while the average sale price for a single-family home in White Plains is around $400k. 

Research the Town (& Cost)

Westchester County, like New York City, is full of different areas that offer varied paces of life (Think about the differences of living in SoHo versus the Upper West Side). 

Not all Westchester towns are the same. Yonkers is a different area than Bronxville; Pelham is different than Rye. Understanding the atmosphere and features of every town in Westchester can help you make the right decision for your family. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, there are differences in prices across the area. Some even argue that some parts of Westchester County are not truly Westchester because they are not as affluent. 


One of the best parts of life in the suburbs is that your kids can feel free to run around the neighborhood. Suburban life is quaint and manageable. It’s common that you will know your neighbors quite well, and see them often. In fact, parts of Westchester county are some of the safest neighborhoods in the entire country.

According to an article published last year, “to this newly released crime data analysis by Safewise, nine communities in Westchester County, two in Putnam County and three in Orange County are the safest in New York state and among the "Top 100" safest places to live in the entire United States.” These towns include: Lewisboro, Briarcliff Manor, Harrison, Rye, New Castle, North Castle, Tuckahoe, and Walden. Read the rest of the article here

City Life

The best part about living in Westchester is that you are not abandoning city life. It’s not uncommon for families in Westchester to go into the city to go shopping, see a musical or go to a restaurant.

The proximity allows a comfortable and relaxed pace of life complemented by easy access to urban amenities. Your kids will even be close enough to the city to hang out in the coolest areas of downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Fun Westchester Amenities

Another great part about Westchester county is that there is plenty to do! Westchester has lots of fun stuff going on without the big city. 

Rye Playland is one of the oldest amusement parks in the area. Built in 1928, the park has provided lots of entertainment, including a secluded beach area for those hoping to spend a fun day with the kids. Moreover, there are many country clubs with pools to help your family cool off during the summer.

The Westchester Mall is also a popular destination for teens hoping to explore and gain some independence. Otherwise, check out the Lyndhurst mansion in Tarrytown and inquire about the spa for some regal Westchester pampering. 

Ready to Move?

So are you ready to leave the city yet? Moving to Westchester can involve lots of preparation and planning. Organize your belongings and take inventory of your stuff to better realize the volume of your move. Don’t forget to declutter before relocating to help free up some space. You don’t need to take everything! 

Contact a professional Westchester Moving Company for a free estimate to understand the cost of your move. Be sure to read reviews and plan ahead!


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