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In recent times, many have taken the opportunity to reconsider their living situations. Those who have left Manhattan have chosen a myriad of diverse destinations. Some have sought international adventures, while others have headed to Florida for sunnier skies.  But, many have made more local moves to the suburban areas of NYC: Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. A popular destination for those hoping to leave Manhattan but still stay close by is Jersey City, which is right across the Hudson river. 

We put together some helpful tips for people jumping across the river from NYC:

  • Cost of Living: Jersey City can be more affordable than Manhattan, it's essential to compare housing costs, taxes, and everyday expenses.

  • Transportation: Evaluate the convenience and cost of transportation options, including the PATH train, ferries, and commuting time to Manhattan.

  • Neighborhood Diversity: Jersey City has a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique vibe. Fnd a match for your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Schools and Services: If you have or plan to have a family, consider the quality of schools, parks, and other community services in Jersey City.

  • Cultural Shift: Although close, Jersey City has a different feel from Manhattan. Anticipate adjustments in pace, amenities, and the local culture.
Why would New Yorkers want to move to Jersey City?

Jersey City is a wonderful option for Manhattanites looking to move out of NYC! Not only is Jersey City a more affordable place to live, but it also offers plenty of the amenities that New Yorkers know and love like weekly farmer’s markets, boutique shopping and cute coffee shops! Moreover, Jersey City has tons of luxury residence options at a fraction of the price with stellar views overlooking the New York City skyline (views that are even tough to find when living in Manhattan.)

Is NJ a nice place to live?

New Jersey is an excellent place to live. One of the reasons why many New Yorkers may opt to live in New Jersey is due to its familiarity and proximity. Many New Yorkers have grown up visiting the Jersey Shore or visiting relatives there, or catching a concert at MetLife Stadium New Jersey or picking up family at Newark Airport. In many ways, New Jersey is an extension of NYC (some even like to refer to Jersey City as the 6th borough of NYC). 

The climate of NJ offers year-round fun. The summers are spent soaking up the sun at the beach, while the winters are full of skiing in the Poconos Mountains or going sledding in a nearby park. 

Though most of New Jersey is suburban and rural, there are a few city-like areas in the state like Hoboken, and Jersey City (of course). Hoboken and Jersey City have walkable areas with urban style centers. However, the suburban lifestyle integral to most of the state can be ideal for those looking to raise a family or simply want some room to breathe.  

We assisted a client last week who decided to transition from Manhattan to Jersey City. He mentioned how he always felt a connection across the river and saw the move as just a slight change in scenery. For us, it was another seamless transition between two closely-knit communities.

What’s transportation like in NJ?

The NJ Transit is surprisingly reliable and well-coordinated. The NJ Transit system serves much of NJ, especially in the areas of Jersey City, Atlantic City, Newark, Bergen County and Northern Jersey. There are different sections of the rail system that serve distinct districts of NJ. Below you will find a rail map to see exactly where the NJ transit links to Metro-North, Amtrak and SEPTA. 

Finally, commuters can rejoice! Jersey City has great public transportation links to the NYC subway via the PATH train. In just 7 minutes, you can get to Lower Manhattan from Grove Street Path Station. Those who work on Wall Street are lucky to have this swift journey to the Financial District; otherwise commuting to other parts of NYC (like Midtown or Brooklyn or Queens) is super easy thanks to the PATH and MTA. The commute is also ideal for those with kids in NYC high schools, who can keep their enrollment at their current school and travel there daily.  Another option for public transit in NJ is the Light Rail which connects Jersey City to Bayonne and North Bergen; otherwise you can take buses which run frequently throughout the Jersey City area and into NYC. 

What’s the nightlife situation in NJ?

You won’t go bored in Jersey! Though few would argue that NJ nightlife is better than NYC nightlife, New Jersey is full of fun options for going out. Consider the infamous locales of Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore where people tend to go wild and dance on tables all night long; places where you will make some drunken memories you may hope to forget! 

However, if you’re not looking for that type of nightlife, there are more low-key sports bars, clubs, swanky rooftop bars and other music venues throughout the state, especially in Downtown Jersey City. Going out in Jersey City can be loads of fun, and some have even referred to it as a nightlife destination due to its numerous DJ nights and outdoor concerts. Be sure to check out The Powerhouse Arts District for some fun nightlife activities! 

What is living in Jersey City like?

With easy access to NYC, life in Jersey City is not all that different from life in Manhattan. However, there are some perks! Like Manhattan life, you can choose between brownstones or high-rise new apartment buildings like in the Newport residential complex near Hamilton Park. These new development options are usually located on the waterfront and feature amenities like pools, fitness centers, man-made beaches and concierge service. Many of these luxury complexes also have astonishing views of the world trade center and other iconic NYC buildings.  

We recently moved a young professional from a Manhattan apartment to a waterfront complex in Jersey City. As we finished up the move, the sun was setting over the skyline when he said, "I never thought I'd trade my Manhattan address, but look at that view." We got it — sometimes, a change of perspective is all you need!

Is Jersey City expensive?

The cost of living in Jersey City is more affordable than Manhattan, however real estate in Jersey is quite expensive, especially along the shore line and the areas neighboring NYC! 

As referenced in our previous guide on Living in Jersey City, rent prices are generally lower in Jersey City: The average cost of rent in Jersey City for a 1 bedroom apartment is around $2500 a month, while the same sized apartment in Manhattan averages at around $3500 per month. However, there are cheaper options if you do not want to live in a luxury building. A neighborhood like Greenville which offers more affordable rent, where a well-sized 3 bedroom can go for under $2,000 a month. Another popular option is Bergen-Lafayette, where there are rows of Victorian era homes. Bergen-Lafayette is perfect for families, due to the number of parks in the area like the nearby Liberty State Park. 

In terms of the Downtown area, there are plenty of areas that resemble Downtown Manhattan like Journal Square (the fast-paced transit/business hub), Exchange Place (the Wall Street of Jersey City) and Paulus Hook (which feels quaint like Brooklyn). Paulus Hook is home to historic architecture and beautiful parks like Van Worst Park. 

Most living expenses in Jersey City are also cheaper than Manhattan. You can expect to spend 33% more to attain the same quality of life in Manhattan, as you would in Jersey City. Restaurants, grocery stores, and basic utilities are all cheaper in Jersey City. 

Another great aspect of living in Jersey City is the income tax break. Because the tax rate in New Jersey is lower, some actually choose to live in Jersey and work in NYC to avoid NYC taxes and pay a lower rate. This can be a huge benefit to those come April 15!

Ready to Move?

If you’re planning to ditch the Big Apple for Hudson County, be sure to inquire with local New Jersey moving companies in your area to ask for a free estimate! Moving can be an exciting step forward to elevate your life, especially at a time when everything seems murky and confusing.






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