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Trying to put together a budget for an upcoming move? It can be tough to come up with a good idea of what your budget entails without knowing the components that will need budgeting for. We at Oz Moving wanted to come up with a good moving budget template to start with when coming up with your individual moving checklist. Below, we’ve listed a few components of a moving budget checklist that need to be on everyone’s - and some additional considerations, just in case.



Stuff has to go somewhere, right? The tried-and-true solution is moving boxes. If you don’t have them, you can buy them. You’ll probably need quite a few, including some specialty boxes for certain items like a flat-screen TVmirrors and lamps. As a general rule, you’ll need 1 box per 25-30 sq ft. Here’s how much buying new boxes costs at Oz Moving’s store.


Oz Moving team moving boxes



Trusting the pros to handle a move is the best course of action for anyone moving. Moving labor is usually billed via an hourly rate. If the laborers are also providing their own truck and equipment the rate will likely be higher (most professional moving companies will; the cheaper craigslist-type movers are more likely to not bring their own equipment.) The mover hours billed at an hourly rate will obviously include the time it takes to pack and move the inventory as well as the travel time between the origin and the destination.



Going the DIY route to save money for your move? Truck rental prices can often fluctuate, based on size, availability, seasonality, and several other factors. Consider the mileage/time that will be taken up by transporting the truck to and from the job site from its rental depot as well.



Moving boxes will need to be taped up with high-quality packing tape to ensure none of the boxes break. A roll will likely cover 5-10 boxes and costs 3$ on the Oz Moving webstore. Remember: it’s better to buy too much than not enough.


Oz Moving team moving items out of moving truck



Packing paper usually is purchased by the pound. You only really need it for a few boxes with breakables inside. For fragile items, use 3-5 lbs of packing paper per box.



Moving blankets are often used to protect larger items too unwieldy to be boxed up, like furniture. Some items are fine to carry with just one blanket, others might take 2 or more. Blankets can be rented or purchased online (including on our online store.)


scanning boxes



Most people never know how much they really need. In case additional storage is needed, the cost should be kept in mind, as well as the cost of transporting items to storage.



Anyone moving might need to rent a dolly, moving blankets, or some other moving supplies. Rental costs will be less than outright payment costs, but time considerations should be made if equipment is rented out hourly.



It might cost money to park the moving truck in order to load and unload it. Look into the costs and logistics parking entail beforehand.



There is always a risk that the moving process creates accidental damage, whether to the person who’s moving’s belongings, one of the buildings they are moving in/out of, or somewhere else. Fixing this damage comes with a pricetag, too. Expect the unexpected.  




Moving companies are obligated to offer basic insurance but this does not cover items based on value. Every mover has the option to acquire additional insurance coverage from a third-party broker. Get a quick quote from an insurance brokerand factor in the cost to see if it’s worth the money for you.



Packing, Assembly and other services may be required for someone who is moving harder items. A moving company may offer these services at an additional fee or as part of the hourly charge.




A nice tip is a good way to reward a hard-working moving crew after a job well done. It is not required by any means but shows appreciation to the workers who sweated out moving your belongings, so it should be considered.


The best time to clean a new home is when there is nothing inside of it. It’s best to clean out all the random corners and crevices of that home when there’s nothing in the way perturbing the sponges and mops looking to tidy it up. If the moving person opts to hire a maid that will come with additional costs, and if not, they will likely be purchasing new cleaning supplies rather than moving their old ones anyway.



Cleaning supplies are just one set of everyday items people will likely chuck and replace when they move. Buying new groceries, toiletries, etc. can all add additional costs to the week of the move that should be accounted for.


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